The Magical Power Of Mental Persuasion and Magical Mind Control… The Adam Lanza Story. NOW FOR THE PROOF.

First you must much this video documentary by Derren Brown if you are to understand the Magical Power of Persuasion.

“The Heist”;

Derren Brown – The Heist from Tom Jansen on Vimeo.

Now the article which started Adam Lanza’s programing;

Connecticut school shooting: Adam Lanza was assigned psychologist;


The boy who would grow up to be America’s deadliest school gunman caught the attention of Newtown High School members of staff, while teachers, counsellors and security officers helped monitor him, said Richard Novia, the director of security at Newtown School District at the time in 2007.

He wasn’t feared to be a danger to others, however. Staff were instead concerned that he could be bullied or harmed by others or could harm himself.

Adam Lanza is to Guns what 9/11 was to the New World Order and The Middle East. A programming of the mind to get the agendas of the elite on the way.



My Analysis of Derren Brown and “The Heist” – One of the most dangerous examples of persuasion you’ll ever see

In an email to the readers of my newsletter, I shared with them “The Heist,” a show aired on British Television that demonstrates the power of persuasion, manipulation, motivation and more. If you haven’t watched Darren Brown in The Heist yet, go here and watch it then read the rest of this post, it will make more sense.

I decided to provide my analysis as a blog post so that you can comment and discuss your feelings as well. I strongly encourage you to post your thoughts here as this is where I’ll be responding.

Much of what Darren Brown does is missing. They demonstrated pieces of what he did but you have to remember that this conditioning took place over an extended time. The outcome would not have been the same at the end of a day for example.

These people were carefully selected from the initial group and narrowed down to those people most susceptible to actually taking the actions that were anticipated. There is a strong sales and marketing lesson here, it is much easier to influence those people who you’ve carefully screened (you do have criteria for the people who can work with you, right?) and who demonstrate further interest in changing their views. He attracted a certain kind of person by using an advertisement that promised that they’d learn his techniques.


Controlling a Nation – Derren Brown;

The psychological makings of an assassin out of ordinary citizens like you and me and how it is done…

Connect all the dots all of these assassins have in common. Then connect all the dots of the elites reaction after all of them.


– El Quisqueyano