The moment Boston Market employee was FIRED after he ranted about hating customers to ‘co-worker’ who turned out to be Under Cover Boss

  • Sara Bittorf, Chief Brand Officer at Boston Market, went on Undercover Boss at the behest of the company’s CEO
  • She posed as a waitress competing on a nondescript reality show
  • As a kitchen trainee, she was instructed by Ronnie in Duluth, Ga.
  • Ronnie, her shift supervisor, said he hated customers more than anything in the world
  • He was fired for mouthing off about the restaurants’ guests
  • ‘Without the guests in there, we don’t have a business and you don’t have a paycheck,’ Bittorf told the whiner


A Boston Market employee unwittingly ranted about his hatred of customers to a female co-worker, who ended up being a company exec working incognito on Undercover Boss.

A youthful looking employee named Ronnie, at the company’s outpost in Duluth, Georgia, said he hated guests who came to the restaurant, calling them selfish and demanding.

The undercover executive became livid and ended up firing the man, the first time ever for someone to get the boot on the CBS reality show.

Sara Bittorf, Chief Brand Officer at Boston Market, was sent on a reconnaissance mission by the company’s CEO to appear on the CBS show and find out what was actually going on, in the episode that aired on February 1

Ms Bittorf posed as a waitress, Rachel Rand, who joined the Boston Market staff – saying she was appearing on a reality show to win a chance to open her own diner.

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