The MSM blows up events like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown because those in charge want us hating each other over things like race and religion instead of where that hate should really be, at them.

If you control the media then you can manipulate the content enough to push people in the directions you choose.

How do you stop a group of people from realizing that they are all in it together and the real battle should be against those in charge?

Easy, you set them against one another. Politics used to be effective enough to do this but now that system is starting to lose its hold. People are identifying less with Democratic vs. Republican, Liberal, Conservative, etc…

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So you set them at each other’s throats over the next biggest thing: race.

This is why a huge story never “breaks” about minority police officers killing a white person under suspicious circumstances. Because believe me, that happens all the time.

The story never goes viral because they are not trying to poke the “white” hornets nest, they are trying to poke the “black” one. It makes more sense strategically on every level.



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