The Neocons Beg For MORE And BIGGER WARS

by SP


Just when you thought it might be safe to go outside again, the resilient Neocon Kagan family has reappeared to urge ever greater ME wars.  Robert Perry at reports on the latest re-emergence of the first family of global warfare, the Kagans.

Giving war makers a soapbox and megaphone, the Washington Post publishes a long Op-Ed by Robert Kagan, founder of the Project for the New American Century, calling for boots on the ground invasion of Syria.

Most creative is the brilliant rending of truth and twisting of reality into a shape where killing a few hundred thousand more human beings in the Middle East is reasonable, necessary and right.

Let me digress for a moment and lay out my understanding of what happened.

Insiders at the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, probably Bernie supporters, leaked two big batches of emails to WikiLeaks (possibly Seth Rich was the leaker of the John Podesta emails).  Craig Murray reports that he picked them up at a park in Washington DC and delivered them by hand to WikiLeaks.  They revealed that the DNC was committed to HRC getting the democratic nomination and ensuring that Bernie Sanders did not, and that insiders used dirty tricks to ensure this outcome.  They also revealed the depth and breadth of the system of bribery in play with the Clinton Foundation system called “pay for play.”  (One example, is the removal of Algeria from the US terror watchlist by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the week after Algeria donated 25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.)  The result was that the DNC candidate lost the election to a man with an 81% disapproval rating and little to no political skills or experience.

The DNC was embarrassed by this leak, BUT NEVER DISPUTED THAT THE EMAILS WERE TRUE.  It was not “fake news.”  It was “true news” of corruption in a process that pretends to be democratic, but is not.

However, the Neocons seem to have recovered from the defeat of their champion and now the Kagans are Back.  And being very intelligent and creative, and allied with the network that owns the news media, decided to spin the story around a familiar anchor point:  the evil Russians and how they attacked us.

  • Russia leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. ….
  • Russian tried to interfere with the US election. ….
  • Russian “hacked” the US election.  ….
  • This is a mater of national sovereignty. ….
  • Not just sovereignty, but national security, as this is cyberwarfare.
  • Cyberwarfare is just as real an attack as those by warships, tanks or bombers.
  • We must defend ourselves.
  • We must defend ourselves from this grievous national security assault from Russia by invading Syria and recruiting MORE proxy fighters to overthrow Assad.

Robert Kagan in WaPo:

“The most important question concerns Russia’s ability to manipulate U.S. elections. That is not a political issue. It is a national security issue. If the Russian government did interfere in the United States’ electoral processes last year, then it has the capacity to do so in every election going forward. This is a powerful and dangerous weapon, more than warships or tanks or bombers.

Frederick and Kimberly Kagen in the WSJ:

On Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal, Robert Kagan’s brother Frederick and his wife Kimberly dropped the other shoe, laying out the neocons’ long-held dream of a full-scale U.S. invasion of Syria…

But the neocons have long lusted for “regime change” in Syria and were not satisfied with Obama’s arming of anti-government rebels and the limited infiltration of U.S. Special Forces into northern Syria to assist in the retaking of the Islamic State’s “capital” of Raqqa.

In the Journal op-ed, Frederick and Kimberly Kagan call for opening a new military front in southeastern Syria…

I have found by polling my co-workers, that an unsubstantiated assertion, and even a fraudulent assertion, if repeated often enough by enough different “trusted commentators” will come to be accepted  as true.  Such is the power of the human need to snuggle ourselves into the group consensus.


Neoconservative goals and aims in the ME cannot be understood unless we see that they are a militant Zionist faction.  However, most Jewish people are not Neocons.  But the Neocons are an American political force that grows out of the RED/BLUE militant vision of Zionism.  It is not about a religion.  It is a military and economic domination project that takes its origins in a tightly-identified ethnic group.  (And, my GREEN Meme friends, it is OK to talk about it.  This is not “religious intolerance.”)

The destruction of the Middle East has been a long term Zionist goal.  See the Oded Yinon plan or the origins of the Iraq Invasion coming out of the long-term militant vision of Greater Israel.

Peace through military domination is never stable.  Most of us, of all religions, actually know this.