The New American Coup – Media Leading Charge to Topple Government

by Martin Armstrong

Yates Sally

There is clearly a coup unfolding led by the Democrats and the media. They will not accept Trump and are determined to destroy the government as we have known it. Sally Yates obviously pulled a political move by declaring that she would not execute Trumps ban of the selected countries. First of all, that would only constitute deporting someone who tried to come in who was not a legal resident. So they would not be arrested or put in prison. What was she up to? Obviously what she did had no real legal meaning, it was a political stand and for that Trump rightly fired her.

The ban is temporary, except on Syria, ranging from 90 to 120 days giving time to make sure the criteria is valid. Try going to India from Thailand. They will not let you in. You have to go back to your home country to apply for a visa. There are no open borders where you just go without agreements between countries. Americans could not do to Cuba for decades. Why is this temporary ban being used to such levels? They could care less about the issue. It is really more about creating political unrest.

It was Europe who opened their borders to the Middle East ONLY because Merkel’s polls were negative because of her harsh treatment of Greece. It was her personal decision that created the refugee crisis in Europe and all the new terrorist attacks, rapes, and declines in security. The American press will ONLY focus on the 100-200 people who were effected by the ACLU’s court battle. They take these few exceptions and made that appear to be the majority.

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This is simply all about trying to topple the Trump government and the media, like CNN, is leading the charge. First we had the Green party exploiting people for donations without any real chance of doing anything but make Jill Stein rich. Now there are groups asking for money to fight Trump on the refugees. The exploitation of people for money seems to be a career of the anti-Trump forces.

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Where was the media and the Justice Department when Obama defied the Constitution and said we had to surrender our rights for security to a wiser government because we are too stupid to know what is best for us? Where was Yates when Obama said this one? Cheering for she would have more power?

teddy on immigants

They are picking and choosing what to show the public and distorting the fact and the history. This is all about trying to topple the government and this is the real agenda — an all powerful government because we are too stupid to know what is best.

The media is hell-bent on toppling the government. They have no alternative. It’s all about fighting for bigger government and the surrender of all rights. This is not going to end nicely and it has not even been one month yet.


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  • Rosebud

    There is an insane streak washing across America. I’ve never seen so many stand in line, chanting for their borders to be violated like its never been done in the history of humanity.

    I need to find one American that goes to bed with his doors wide ajar. Those doors to our homes are our individual borders, we double lock and double check that they’re secured when we go to sleep but yet wish for the doors of our national borders to be left wide open?

    Have we all gone collectively insane? Nothing disparages America like this madness that assaults us everyday. Doped up, dumbed down and wasted are some of the new descriptives my foreign friends assign to the American persona.

    • Jaime Glibb

      Well, I’m an American and frequently leave the door open all night to get the breezes and enjoy the freshness of the night. But the thing is, I don’t live in the States and don’t ever plan on returning.

      • Rosebud

        Don’t know if to laugh or cry but l do know home is home and we need to fix what’s broken or become universal refugees ourselves at some point.

        • Jerry Hamilton

          I think the first thing you need to fix is the media. It may be broken beyond repair

    • amuncat

      You have to take into account that now days, since the Obam left our doors open for 8 yrs, there are many of them! I’d be willing to guess that most are either relatives of illegal aliens, or illegal aliens themselves…the rest are Dems!

  • Jerry Hamilton

    I read the executive order on the White House web site.
    It is very different to what is being reported by the media.

    What Trump has done is less than affirm Obama’s Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of December 18, 2015,
    Obama on that date signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2016 which banned the seven countries Trump is accused of banning in his executive order.
    Trump however only actually banned people from Syria.

    • desertspeaks

      and of the 47 MUSLIM countries, it only affects 7

      • Jerry Hamilton

        What you typed makes no sense at all.
        What has 47 Muslim countries got to do with Trump’s executive order?

        • desertspeaks

          Ok, there are FORTY SEVEN MUSLIM COUNTRIES in the world.. got that??
          The executive orders only affects 7 of them.. which means 40 muslim countries are NOT ON THE BAN LIST. Do you understand it now??

          • Jerry Hamilton

            47 Muslim countries in the world. Ok. I will take your word for that, I never counted.
            The executive orders only affects 7 of them. No. It only affects Syria.
            No. Sorry. I don’t understand. What am I missing?

          • desertspeaks

            Research obviously isn’t something you’ve mastered, accomplished or apparently ever been required to perform.. and since you are seemingly a participation trophy child, who desperately needs to be spoon fed the information because it’s soooo hard to use a search engine ALL BY YOURSELF!
            For the next 90 days, nearly all travelers, except U.S. citizens, traveling on passports from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen will be temporarily suspended from entry to the United States. The 90 day period will allow for proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals.

          • Jerry Hamilton

            Thank you very much for the link. No. I am not thick.
            It may actually help if you take the time to read the link you posted.
            Quote “countries that were designated by Congress and the Obama Administration
            as posing national security risks in the Visa Waiver Program.”
            What on earth has the Obama Administration got to do with Trumps executive order?
            Why are you quoting it?
            Please… Spoon feed me.

          • desertspeaks

            I have neither the desire nor inclination to educate you on what you, as an adult, should take upon yourself to learn.
            and you “claim” you’re not thick.. anyone reading your posts would strongly disagree with your assertion!

          • Jerry Hamilton

            I strongly disagree.
            You are so full of shit, you do not have a clue what Trumps executive order actually proclaimed.
            You are dwelling on media lies.
            I often come across sheeple like you. You really are a perfect example.
            Read and learn Dipshit.
            Show me the 7 Muslim countries.

          • desertspeaks

            I know exactly what the e/o says, and i know what the directive from dhs says.. you just don’t get it.. so here you are throwing your crayons LIKE A CHILD AGAIN!

          • Jerry Hamilton

            You’re right. I learn and moved on. I will change my opinion based on what I know.
            You however refuse to learn.
            Show me the 7 Muslim countries.

          • desertspeaks

            sorry I can’t hear you over your LIES!

          • Jerry Hamilton

            No problem. ANYONE WHO DOES WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMPS EXECUTIVE ORDER, it is about a 6 minute read. It is the Whitehouse web site so should be genuine.
            I don’t support him, my beef is with the lying media.

          • desertspeaks

            and I showed you the directive by dhs, which is authorized by what?? the e/o!
            only mindless morons believes the media anymore.. they have no credibility

  • amuncat

    Let’s start with making it a mandatory incarceration and a felony for ANYONE covering their face during protests!!!!

    This would end a lot of these “spontaneous” protests funded by Soros! We’d also find that many are the same people going from state to state to wreck havoc! With their faces covered, they do whatever they want! Show face before the world!!! I can’t help but believe that this isn’t fully funded by the admitted “god” George Soros!

    The dangerous part about all of this is that the Dems do not offer an alternative!!!!

    The Democratic Party should be crushed to the earth at every opportunity! It’s now quite obvious they have been infiltrated by subversive groups with NWO/corporate agenda! They still want their $$$’s worth that they invested in Hillary. Remember, she had at least 2 HUGE fund raisers with the Hollywood set, which explains their whining at every non relevant event!

    P.S., They’ve found that one of the biggest protestors in Portland is a registered sex offender!!!! Now charged currently with sex with an underage boy…and has admitted it! Great company for Hill & Bill…with a lil pizza on the Epstein plane…oh, no, wait, he has underage girls, not boys! My bad!!!!

    • Stop Bush and Clinton

      That would actually help them. The media would have a field day going “Trump has anyone who opposes him arrested! See, we were right, Clinton is the democrat and Trump is the Nazi. Trump is Putin (who we all know is worse than Hitler, Stalin and the devil combined), just 10 times worse!”

  • Grim Fandango

    No worries. These nut jobs failed to stop Trump from becoming President, and failed to unseat or block him, with all their screeching and profanity, all their “celebrity” videos, all their riots, all the lies and omissions by the lame stream media.

    And they will fail at starting a color revolution too, even if George Soros liquidates all his wealth in the effort.

    The average American is watching their tantrums and have begun realizing how far out, how crazy the far left really is. All that their efforts will produce is the exact opposite, insuring Trump will have 8 years at the job, and the upcoming congressional elections will produce a veto-proof majority for him.

    Hooray freaks, keep it up, I LOVE it!

    • Stop Bush and Clinton

      That is unless they JFK or Vince Foster him.

      I can already see the headline in the Washington (Com)post: “Trump so upset about massive protests that he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head 5 times from different angles using 5 different guns!”


    “The exploitation of people for money”…is the foundation of capitalism. The media should be more concerned with its own survival at this time as we have become aware of who the media works for. It is big media that is being toppled day by day. It will take some time to recover from the illusion they have presented us.

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    I wonder if they realize that they’re helping Trump fulfill his campaign promise — he’ll certainly be the greatest jobs president ever if they create millions of jobs for full-time anti-Trump protesters!

  • desertspeaks

    time to tell the fcc to cancel their license to do business in this country!

  • ukalally

    why are they collecting money here for refugee families

    • DrTrumpsButtHurtSalveSalesman

      Why? So they can give it all to Hilliary for her legal defense fund so she can escape prison and flee to Qatar to spend her millions she sent over last Fall.

  • Anti Everything

    I think someone missed the point here: It is the OWNERS of the democrats and the media,… not the democrats and media that are attempting this “coup”.