The Oligarch Trillionaires: The Real ‘World’s Richest’ List

by Jeff Nielson

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to begin a commentary by clearly articulating what will not be contained. This is one of those rare instances. What will not be inside this article is any actual list of the world’s richest people, nor any specific figure supplied as to even the precise number of names on such a list. The point being that such information does not exist in the public domain.

The confusion here, in part, is due to the fact that some previous analysis of this data was less-than-precise. That faulty analysis begins with a recent headline, which was given considerable acclaim and attention in a previous piece.

Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world’s population, says Oxfam

The additional problem lies within the headline, itself. The “richest 62 people” to whom Oxfam refers are notthe world’s richest sixty-two people, not even close. This becomes instantly apparent through a combination of number-crunching, and reviewing previous data already in the public domain.

The (supposed) richest sixty-two people, on all of the phony “lists” produced by the mainstream media, hold a grand total of $1.76 trillion (USD) of wealth. The (supposed) richest eighty people hold a mere $1.9 trillion. The bottom-50% of the entire, global population hold another $1.75 trillion. Extrapolate this curve downward in any rational fashion, and we end up with a supposed figure for total, global wealth in the low, $10’s of trillions.

Now we pull out our calculators, and look around the real world. There is more than $200 trillion in outstanding global debt. That number has been tossed around for several years. Some of it is offsetting; most of it isn’t. Here it must be understood that the $200+ trillion in assorted debts is a hard number – the accumulated insanity of decades of banker brainwashing.

The problem? Those who are indebted well in excess of $200 trillion could not come remotely close to satisfying all of these obligations, even if they liquidated 100% of all assets in their possession.

In a sane world; all debts must ultimately be offsetting. In our insane world of Debt Slavery; there is somewhere in excess of $100 trillion of (paper) wealth, in the form of outstanding debt which can never be retired or repaid. This is because most of the world’s hard assets are also held by the same, tiny minority who are the (real) holders of most of these IOU’s: the Oligarchs.

The $100+ trillion in IOU’s held by the real Oligarchs at the top is just the first sliver of their near-infinite, paper wealth. We then move to the Oligarchs’ playground: the private, rigged, unregulated, book-making operation which the bankers and mainstream media call “the derivatives market”.

By 2010, as this mountain of “notional” betting neared an insane total of $1 quadrillion, the banksters decided it was time to start hiding this casino of crime, and so they began by changing their “definition” of the casino, itself. Overnight “the derivatives market” officially shrunk in size by 50%.

If the banksters had not engaged in this sham, then (using their previous formula), the derivatives market now represents an illegal book-making operation, somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.5 quadrillion in size ($1,500 trillion). Here, most of the crooked betting is offsetting. But because the purpose of this crooked betting is to rig other markets, the betting is still heavily lop-sided.

The holders of the winning side of these rigged, illegal bets hold an even more obscene mountain of paper wealth, this time in the $100’s of trillions. We see real, total, global “wealth” approaching ½ a quadrillion ($500 trillion), and we’re not even close to finishing our inventory of paper wealth. Then, in the real world, we have hard assets with total wealth well into the $10’s of trillions, approaching another $100 trillion in total.

In a real world, where actual, total wealth approaches $1 quadrillion ($1,000 trillion), all we are presented with by the mainstream media is an absurd sliver of that total. We’re given a number in the $10’s of trillions, accounting for literally less than 10% of the world’s actual, total wealth. The other 90% is hidden.

In metaphorical terms; this 90% of actual global wealth is hidden from us via a thick veil of propaganda. In literal terms; this 90% of global wealth is hidden within the hoards of the real World’s Richest, the realOligarchs.


Those names who occupy any of the absurd “world’s richest” lists fed to the masses, are merely the Junior Oligarchs. At any meeting of the real World’s Richest, holders of 90% of the world’s wealth, the Junior Oligarchs on all of these official lists are assigned shoe-shine duty. They are mere minnows, next to whales.

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How does someone really justify claim to the title of being “one of the world’s richest people”? One must have so much wealth that no one (other than the Oligarch, himself) can even attach a number to it. The real “world’s richest” are not mere, petty, billionaires. Even fortunes in the $100’s of billions would not be adequate to account for all the real and paper wealth floating around the world today.

The real “world’s richest” are undoubtedly trillionaires, a number which those Oligarchs are so desperate to hide that the word “trillionaire” is not even formally acknowledged in our dictionaries.

Consider this. We live in a world of banker-created, fraudulent, paper currencies, where the amount of paper instruments merely sloshing around in the world’s markets is in the thousands of trillions, yet, officially we have no word for “trillionaire”. This is like imagining a world where large numbers of (fat) sheep, cows, and pigs roam the plains, but yet there is no word for “carnivore”. If you have one, you must have the other.

Meanwhile, we also live in a world of mega-debt. The Oligarchs skim-off for themselves between 15 – 25% of every revenue dollar received by the governments of the world’s debtor nations, and in some cases even more. They call this “interest payments”, the euphemistic language of a financial crime syndicate, engaging in extortion. But this is merely the first prong of their debt slavery.

On top of what is stolen from our populations collectively, we see similar economic extortion at the personal level. Wages (for the Little People) are permanently frozen, while the cost of living spirals higher. This is the (banker-created) “inflation” which our corrupt governments tell us does not exist.

Because of this; mortgage loans grow larger and larger. Automobile loans grow larger and larger. Studentloans grow larger and larger. Credit card debt spirals higher. And the (compounding) “interest” on all thisextorted debt grows exponentially.

Enslave yourself, or you cannot be a homeowner. Enslave yourself, or you cannot drive. Enslave yourself, or you cannot get an education. Enslave yourself, or you cannot eat.

In Western societies; a Middle Class standard of living used to be taken for granted, to the point where it was almost deemed to be a right. Such delusions are long dead. Today, a (true) Middle Class standard of living comes at a steep cost: life-long, financial enslavement to a microscopic number of Oligarchs.

We see here the second, ultra-important reason why the real Oligarchs find it so important to hide their obscene fortunes from public knowledge. It is important that we cannot assign any faces or names to ourDebt Overlords.

If the billions of people on the planet, enslaved with trillions in net debt, knew that this financial yoke of slavery was all for the benefit of a relative handful of psychopathic Oligarchs, what would these slaves do? What would they say? Subtract the expletives, and it would translate roughly to “screw you.” Debt Jubilee.

The real world’s richest, these Debt Overlords who have literally enslaved the world’s entire population in debt, hide in the shadows, because they must hide in the shadows. Acknowledging the existence of Debt Overlords implies debt slavery.

Allow the serfs the illusion that they have “democracy”, “freedom”, and “justice”, while denying them any of these things, in any meaningful sense. Meanwhile, all the time, the Debt Overlords are continuously tightening their thumb-screws of debt. Our standard of living goes lower and lower and lower. Their hoards of stolen wealth swell larger and larger and larger, and they continue to hide in the shadows.

Whether Oxfam’s publication was a misguided attempt to highlight economic injustice that failed, or simply a cynical gesture designed to hide the real truth, it misses the mark. By focusing their lens of scrutiny on the Junior Oligarchs, the mere B-List Billionaires, we learn nothing of real value.

We see a tiny glimpse of a world of manifest economic injustice and oppression. It brings us no closer, at all, to why such a world exists, or how it could have ever come into existence, in the first place.

Nor does it bring us any closer to knowing the names of the Debt Overlords, the actual size of their hoards of their stolen wealth, or even the precise number of Overlords. Institutions like Oxfam and media outlets like The Guardian can publish partial glimpses of our world of oppression on a daily basis, and it will never get us one iota closer to putting an end to such manifest injustice.

We need real lists of the Debt Overlords. We need real numbers as to the countless $trillions they have stolen from the rest of humanity. And, ultimately, we need real names – so that we know which hoards of stolen wealth need to be “liberated” for the benefit of humanity, and which criminals need to be prosecuted for their serial crimes-against-humanity.


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