The particle collider making sinkholes on earth.

Some say hole leading to Hell… I wonder if this has something to do with all the booming noises going on.

This is just my thoughts on this…
As particle colliders like CERN study the “God particle” – the particle which gives mass to matter, they also create micro-sized blackholes in doing so. Could these loud booms and giant sinkholes we’re witnessing all over the world be caused by places like CERN? The “Big Bang” theory suggests the Universe started out as just one very tiny and small singularity. Knowing this, maybe we shouldn’t be messing around with the God particle as something this small could have drastic consequences. Lets hope these micro-sized blackholes don’t grow any bigger.

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If these micro-sized blackholes are growing in size as they’re feeding on matter, this could be the explanation of the loud booms we’re hearing more and more lately. The loud booms could be the result of a collapse deep down inside the Earth as the void(s) grow larger. Therefore, as the matter is being consumed by these micro-sized blackholes, the singularity(s) are growing in size. And as they grow in size, they continue to consume more and more Earth matter. As Earth matter continues to disappear below and unseen to us, the Earth readjusts itself with tectonic plate shifts which causes more earthquakes in strange places, loud booms, and giant sinkholes occurring all over the world. Since CERN started, have you noticed these are happening more and more? They are growing in intensity and frequency.

Again, this is just my subjective observation/theory that I’m sharing with you, so please don’t take this as factual info. I don’t want to cause any alarm in doing so.

God Bless, JC



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