The Pentagon already ADMITTED to hacking into Russia’s electrical grid (so why are whining about them doing the same thing to us)

Obama and those stupid shitbags in the Pentagon started all this when they unleashed STUXNET on Iran, and only made things worse by openly bragging about hacking into the Russians’ electrical grid in November.

Published on Nov 5, 2016

CYBER ALERT: U.S. Military Has Just Announced It Hacked Russia’s Electrical Grid! Russia demands Washington Explain!
Hillary Clinton fright over Russia “Spoiling” her chances for US Presidency claims Russia hacked DNC, whereas ex NSA top official confirms it was the NSA that hacked DNC to keep Hillary out of the White House, as Dr. Steve Peiczenik announced Nov 1, 2016. Pieczenik also confirmed it was the US Intel Agents for anti-Hilalry Counter-coup that was and is feeding info to Wikileaks Julian Assange for disclosure worldwide.

So even if they did hack into our stuff, who the fuck are we to be crying about it?