The People Who Make the Country Work, Rebuild It After Hurricanes. SJWs noticeably absent.

You know who you’re not seeing? You’re not seen Black Lives Matter — they’re not passing anything out — and you’re not seeing Antifa or Antifa, whatever they call themselves. These anarchist, black masked ragtag bunch of protesters. You’re not seeing any of them. You’re not seeing any. You’re not seeing Code Pink. You don’t see all of those women that were protesting Trump wearing the vagina hats. You don’t see them out there.

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You don’t see any of those groups whatsoever. And those are the groups we’re told, “They are the social justice warriors. They are the people with compassion. They are the people that have grievances. They are the…” You don’t see ’em. They are nowhere to be found. What you’re seeing is the real America, who America really is, the kind of people that make this country work. That’s what you see in the immediate aftermath, and even during the disaster itself. But especially during the aftermath, that’s who you see, and the fact that they’re faith-based?

Those groups are literally there as useful idiots to wreck havoc, nothing more, nothing less.


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