The perfect storm is coming: Spain Could Need Bailout; China faces crude oil output challenge; Portugal’s woes drive personal bankruptcies; Detroit A ‘Tinderbox’ Headed For Unrest, Bankruptcy

Just headlines:

  1. Belgium may face €5B budget shortfall in ’13
  2. Portugal’s woes drive personal bankruptcies
  3. Spain Could Need Bailout By Year-End
  4. Nearly $3 Billion Changed Hands Under Greek CDS Settlement -DTCC
  5. Italy blames Germany, France for EU debt crisis
  6. Italian, Spanish banks continue to gorge on govt debt – ECB data
  7. Chicago Public Schools sees up to $700 million deficit: report
  8. China faces crude oil output challenge
  9. Healdsburg Next City To Face Pension Crisis
  10. Britons See Disposable Incomes Plunge Most Since 1977: Economy
  11. Greece Bailout Seen in Debt With Junk Grade: Euro Credit


Patterson: Detroit A ‘Tinderbox’ Headed For Unrest, Bankruptcy

Severe financial stress: Five findings of state review team in Detroit

Gas Tops $3.90 A Gallon

Oil Drops as US, UK and France Mull Sales From Strategic Reserves


  1. India Said to Plan Using Foreign Currency for Iran Oil Deals
  2. Spain edges toward economic abyss amid Europe woes
  3. New York’s Long Beach Plans Borrowing to Avoid Firing Workers
  4. Bankruptcy Alabama county to default on next round of bond payments (Jefferson County)