The Purple Revolution Is In Full Swing: Will TPTB Attempt To “JFK” Trump Or Attempt To Overthrow Him By Inciting Civil War/Regime Change

Red (Problem)
Blue (Reaction)
Purple (Solution)

The “Solution” is the unification of Red States & Blue States. They have already divided us as division is one of their main tactics. They are now reacting by using the MSM & Intel Leakers they embedded within our Government as one of their other main tools. Almost each week now the CovFEFE seems to double. And now the scope of the investigation into the Trump Admin continues to expand outside of the original ‘Russia Collusion” scope. What comes next im not sure, but by the looks of things it’s nothing good…


It seems it’s starting to become an all out war between the Elite Establishment Factions & the Donald Trump Factions within our Government. We all know the Elite & TPTB are never going to stop. Just think back to what they did all around the Globe while their Factions Puppets, that they groomed were in the White House.

Are you starting to get it now? Iraq, Libya, Syria, & all the other Countries that “they” have attempted Regime Change in successfully & unsuccessfully. “They” incited every single one of these events so “they” could create a Sandbox, to use the Military to practice/test out their methods. “They” we’re sitting comfortably in their offices on American soil committing High Treason. While using our soldiers as cannon fodder to test their methods overseas in an isolated environment. Just so they could study multiple types of methods/tactics, focused around Regime Change & overthrowing elected officials they don’t like by inciting Civil Wars/Colour Revolutions.

And now Trump is stuck with mainly the Deep State, the Elite/TPTB, North Korea & Syria which the Shadow Government is still involved with. “They” could easily force him to make a move by staging another false flag Chemical Weapons Attack on Civilians in Syria, or continue stirring up shit with North Korea. Now that Trump is in the White House there options overseas & at home are somewhat limited. But “they” are currently using & have been using the beginning stages of their Colour Revolution tactics & other methods here in America now for around 4 years. It’s now almost reached a boiling point.

If these methods fail we all know what their last resort methods are. It won’t end well for Trump & his family. “They” will stop at nothing to remove Trump from office. The Elite & TPTB have been preparing/planning their options for a Trump like event for over 20 years. “They” have alao extremely divided certain groups of Americans against each other in recent years. “They” have been & still are working towards manufacturing a perfect environment for a Civil War to break out in America. “They” are now actively implementing their Regime Change tactics on American soil after years of studying/preparing. And if you don’t see it you are blind…

Are you ready? Because every single American is on a moving train & we’ve almost reached the destination. I am not advocating for violence but I’m prepared to risk my life to defend Myself, Family, Country, & Constitution. We are far past the point of no return, you can’t be neutral on a moving train. You either go along with it or you stop it…