The REAL price of feminism: Modern men expect women to go Dutch on dates now there’s equality in the workplace

It seems that chivalry is dead thanks to growing financial pressures and greater equality at work as men are becoming increasingly unwilling to cover the cost of a first date.

The latest survey revealed that most men would now ask for a contribution from a female partner on a first date with the vast majority (51 per cent) happier to go Dutch and split the bill.

The true gentlemen out there are numbered – with just under one third of those polled saying they would still pay for a first meeting.

Chivalry is dead as more and more men insist on going dutch when it comes to first dates

The remaining one in five said they would be happy to pay for parts of the night, such as a round of drinks, but would not be willing to cover the whole evening.

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Shockingly a penny-grabbing five per cent of those quizzed said they would be happy to reverse roles and allow their female companion to fund their evening.

Increasing financial pressures was cited as the number one reason behind the decision however many of those polled stated that they felt it was unfair, or even a little embarrassing to pay for the date.

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