The Reason for the Soaring: The Stock Market is a Turbo-Fraud System

The exchanges rush from an all-time high to the next. The reason for this development: With the high-speed trading is a Ponzi scheme is out of control. The end might be like in the 1920s: trillion in real money from unsuspecting citizens will be destroyed.

The founder and investor Mark Cuban in 2004 a remarkable blog post written. In it, he describes what is really happening in the stock markets.

In reading one of the cold shiver runs down your spine.

Cuban has two companies – and Micro Solutions – founded and made great. After selling Micro Solutions, he brought to the stock market.The share price rose a dollar on the first trading above 60 dollars at the end of the day.

Cuban explains how this has expired: the stock market, he writes, is nothing more than a gigantic Ponzi scheme, the value of shares is not determined by the actual value of the company, but is a marketing number. Folks who sell want to look for people who want to buy. To this end, the sellers tell buyers the most beautiful fairy. It is crucial that as many tear to one share….

You have to watch the animated graphic to the end! The colored curves show the timeline the activities of the robot on the stock exchanges. 2007 was trading normally, at the end you see fireworks. (Graphic: Nanex)




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  • Greg Burton

    Well, of course the stock market is a giant ponzi scheme! Gamed by program trading; another reason why timing is so important for this whole Satanic New World Order thingee to come off without a hitch.

    You’ve got to make sure that the stock market collapse is timed, synchronized with other events in a pre-planned, global, simultaneous implosion in order to maximize the fear, chaos…maximize the probability of a global takeover by a small, fascist oligarchy.

    You’ve got to make sure the stock market collapse occurs at exactly the same time as the Federal Reserve says the dollar is destroyed, that treasury bills are worthless, mandating a privatized fiat banking world currency, thereby admitting China won the economic war started by the so-called 9/11 (inside job) attacks, even though it was really caused by all of our jobs and manufacturing deliberately out-sourced to China, necessitating the sell off US public infrastructure, making the entire US a toll-booth economy owned by the oligarchy centered in the City of London.

    Further, these events must be timed to simultaneously occur…

    *at the same time with the toxic mortgage/LIBOR fraud/Social Security looting/S & L pillaging/gold shares implosion maximizes joblessness and homelessness,

    *at the same time as everybody getting inoculated with tainted vaccines,

    *at the same time as Fukushima being allowed to blow up again,

    *at the same time as the poisoned GMO food is being consumed by everyone, and hyperinflation makes the price of feeding yourselves out of reach, starting riots across America,

    *at the same as the DHS deploys the FEMA troops and their 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets and their tanks, opening up its FEMA camps and FEMA exclusion zones,

    *at the same time as they confiscate the guns,

    *at the same time as the drug cartels with their “Fast & Furious” guns start a separatist movement along the border of Mexico,

    *at the same time all the drones are deployed and weaponized,

    *at the same time as the missile defense shield is operational,

    *at the same time as a nuclear false-flag, starting WWII, when Israel gets to nuke Iran, while invading Lebanon and Syria, finally establishing itself as THE world power sitting on its brand-spanking-new oil depot centered in Haifa, Israel, c/o the late great USA!

    You know, if you’re going to enslave a nation, pillage the world, you have to time it just right, to make sure people don’t figure it out, get organized and start trying to arrest the real bad guys.