The Reason for the Soaring: The Stock Market is a Turbo-Fraud System

The exchanges rush from an all-time high to the next. The reason for this development: With the high-speed trading is a Ponzi scheme is out of control. The end might be like in the 1920s: trillion in real money from unsuspecting citizens will be destroyed.

The founder and investor Mark Cuban in 2004 a remarkable blog post written. In it, he describes what is really happening in the stock markets.

In reading one of the cold shiver runs down your spine.

Cuban has two companies – and Micro Solutions – founded and made great. After selling Micro Solutions, he brought to the stock market.The share price rose a dollar on the first trading above 60 dollars at the end of the day.

Cuban explains how this has expired: the stock market, he writes, is nothing more than a gigantic Ponzi scheme, the value of shares is not determined by the actual value of the company, but is a marketing number. Folks who sell want to look for people who want to buy. To this end, the sellers tell buyers the most beautiful fairy. It is crucial that as many tear to one share….

You have to watch the animated graphic to the end! The colored curves show the timeline the activities of the robot on the stock exchanges. 2007 was trading normally, at the end you see fireworks. (Graphic: Nanex)