The Sad State Of Opiod Drug Use In North America

by Chris

Speaking of the possible markers for an unhealthy society/culture, I don’t know if you can do much better than this.

Americans consume vast majority of the world’s opioids

Apr 27, 2016

Americans are in more pain than any other population around the world. At least, that’s the conclusion that can be drawn from one startling number from recent years: Approximately 80 percent of the global opioid supply is consumed in the United States.

Pain drugs are the second-largest pharmaceutical class globally, after cancer medicines. “There was about 300 million pain prescriptions written in 2015,” Irina Koffler, senior analyst, specialty pharma, Mizuho Securities USA, told CNBC.

The 300 million pain prescriptions equal a $24 billion market, Koffler said, but it’s not a market evenly divided around the globe. Rampant use of opioids in the United States, which represents only 5 percent of the global population, points to a larger divide between affluent nations and the rest of the world when it comes to prescription painkillers.

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“If you include Canada and Western Europe, [consumption of global opioid supply] increases to 95 percent, so the remaining countries only have access to about 5 percent of the opioid supply,” said Vikesh Singh, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Pancreatitis Center at Johns Hopkins University.

If the US is #1 at anything, it is pain and unhappiness. How ridiculous is that?

We’ve been co-opted by a nefarious group of people who sell us fear and loathing because, well, it sells lots of other things.

Like bloated military budgets and lots of pharmaceuticals.

Why do we do this to ourselves here in North America?

Because it makes money.  That’s the long and the short of it and anything and everything that needs to be destroyed along the way shall be to meet that limited end.

No worries that this is indistinguishable from the actions of a death cult, worshiping the end, not the journey.

Sadly, most people will defend this system because it provides for their most basic comfort, and so, like a 65 year old prisoner put there when he was 18, these people know no other way, and are actually afraid of finding out there is an ‘out there’ with very different rules and freedoms.

Which brings us to opioids…just a marker for unhappy people who cannot imagine escaping their virtual prison so they escape by numbing.


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