The same bank that laundered money through the drug cartels is now buying massive amounts of silver bullion.

They did what they had to survive the last time the economy collapsed by laundering money for the drug cartels.

Are they doing what they have to survive again?

“Silver Bars Being Secured By HSBC – Buy $876 Million Worth From Poland”

“Asset Manager Tom Cloud: Silver Shortage Real, Countries & Banks Are Coming to Us to Buy Gold & Silver”
“I am now seeing countries buying gold that are talking to me. . . We have banks buying the heaviest they have ever bought.”
When it comes to silver, Cloud contends, “There is a real shortage out there. . . . You’ve got industrial buyers competing with the investor.” Cloud predicts,

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The largest short squeeze in the history of mankind is coming.

” Bloomberg reports that The Pacific Group Ltd., a Hong Kong based hedge-fund is converting one-third of its assets into PHYSICAL gold. We have emphasized the word “physical” for a reason. It is not usual for a hedge fund to go outside the paper based trading business. More importantly, the fact that the investment company takes delivery of the metal ($35 million worth of gold bars) shows a growing distrust vis-à-vis paper investments and the exponentially expanding “funny money” base.”


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