by James Quinn

The video below is the coup de grâce for the official story of Sandy Hook. This is the final nail in the coffin, where all the previously unanswerable questions are answered.

In this video, Wolfgang Halbig gives a presentation regarding the proper procedures for responding to a school shooting. He does this in front of First Responders (police and fire), who enter into a back and forth conversation about the anomalies in Sandy Hook.

I want to thank both Stucky and Admin for their intense skepticism and critical questioning in prior posts about Sandy Hook. I think they will be satisfied after watching this video.

Stucky asked:

1: “How many people would be needed to pull off this conspiracy?”

2: “How is is possible that EVERY person has kept EVERY aspect of this conspiracy to themselves?”


Admin said:

I love facts.

Did the children never exist?

If they did exist, where are they now?

Can’t their existence be verified from public records?

How many people would have to be involved in this conspiracy to successfully pull it off?

The Sandy Hook hoax was a FEMA Capstone Exercise. These are community-wide events where the entire community is involved – the local officials, police, fire, neighbors and churches. The community received $200 million dollars from this exercise.

The children did not exist. Wolfgang looked up their social security numbers – they were never issued.

The debate is over. The only question is how do we remove the treasonous government that organized, financed, and covered-up the truth about this event.

I realize that this video is 2 hours long. You can listen to it as you commute in traffic. I find the comments from the First Responders very enlightening.

When the truth breaks into the mainstream media due to his $250 million lawsuit, I will drive to Philly and have a beer with Admin, on me.

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  • Ideas Time

    The first thing a corporate fake judge will do is claim that Wolfgang has no standing. The pull this every time so be prepared to respond accordingly.

    • doodaa

      Don’t be surprised if Mr Halbig is arrested for “terrorists” ties. Sultan Obammy can’t be very happy right now.

  • Ideas Time

    BAR attorneys work for the Crown and the Corporation so they have a major conflict of interest when deciding any case that would hurt their bosses corporate profits in any Dunn and Bradstreet Corp. Look em up and be prepared.

    • mo up in the northeast

      what Crown is that?

      • Ideas Time

        BAR stands for the British Accredited Agency. BAR attorneys are loyal to the Queen of England, aka the Crown. They are all foreign agents.

  • Alberto

    Every person I know believes the official story. It was on TeeVee so it has to be true.

    • Occams

      Most I know did, too……..until I showed them this, just released:

      • Alberto

        Facts? Really. You think the MSM (main stream melodrama) schooled people would believe facts when just going along with the flow is so much easier?

        • Occams

          Surprisingly, it has worked rather well. I ask;

          “So please, tell me; How is it he’s a grieving father on the same day that he’s also an FBI SWAT member?”

          “derp, derp, derp, derp……well….. Hmmm…… Hmmmmmmm”.

          FINALLY their fucking noodle kicks into gear!

          Who knows? Maybe one day Amerikans will even be able to cross a street without a WALK signal telling them to do so?

          Naw….Too much to hope for.

          • Alberto

            American public has been schooled since kindergarten to believe EVERYTHING that the government tells them. Pledge of Allegiance hand over heart every day. A pledge to a piece of cloth NOT the Constitution. It’s the same with religion. Get’em young.

  • luvgabe

    IWB’s declaration that “the Sandy Hook debate is over, we won” is based on a video of Halbig in October 2014. So the declaration is hyperbolic at best. If the debate is over and “we won,” Florida Atlantic University would not have fired TENURED Professor Jim Tracy because of Sandy Hook parents Lenny & Veronique Pozner’s bogus accusation of harassment. See:

    Better than the Halbig video is the recently-published collectively-authored 400+-page book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which first offered for sale, then suppressed. The book is now available for FREE download:

    Read it and spread the word!

    • mo up in the northeast

      stated reason for firing of Tracy not related to Sandy Hook. Somehow, they got a way of weaseling out of discovery if Tracy were to pursue a lawsuit. Fetzer makes a few blunders in his book: Picture of “magnificent thing” referred to by Carver, is an afternoon picture, proven by shadows. So much of the hoax explanation is seamless, especially the zero children, lunch employees, teachers, or janitors shown exiting the schools. zero cell phone footage- therefore, a controlled, organized drill. 658 kids when k-5, so 468 is reasonable for k-4. Yet, even dash cams shows a ghost town parking lot, with zero oil stains. plenty of fire violations yet located next to a firehouse, and last year (according to a teacher who researched it) that race to the top was complied with, federally, was 2008. Still waiting to hear back from federal lunch folks. Hidden school, and the town may have been lying about its student population for years. where are all the kids in the buses from Sophia Smallstorm vid? Imo., the $50 million school is for “international students” mostly from China. why so many schools , when 192 babies born in newtown in 2009?

  • Zaphod Braden

    Next they will outlaw Sandy Hook Denial.

  • geo1671

    These fake terrorist attacks are a prelude to a bigger attack–alot more than 3000 dead Americans. When the Jew’s planned mass attack occurs–most Americans will forget about the little ones– Washingtoon Poop will report– Russians did the dirty despicable attack, along with Iran and Cuba. Any bet$
    Merry Xmess :^(

    • RJ O’Guillory

      …..Merry Xmess …Ironic…
      RJ O’Guillory

  • Occams

    For me, this is what I use to blow away ‘official story believers’…:

  • trigon500

    The more discerning among us already know this was a hoax, but the bigger question that we should be asking is why now?
    What does the government see coming that makes them create hoaxes like this to get our mil pattern rifles from us?
    My guess is that they know the writing is on the wall for the death of the dollar/banks/pensions & it will get nasty…

    • mo up in the northeast

      Bob Grant agreed with the wife of a “former” CIA guy I know, and with me: Obama will try to seize a 3rd term. God only knows what his globalist puppets have cooked up. ndaa, martial law, Rahm Emmanuel about assist Jarrett/Obama to nationalize the police force?

  • desertspeaks

    lets start building the gallows!

    • RJ O’Guillory

      Here is what I believe should be happening around the 911 memorial, and across The United States with regard to treasonous conduct such as limiting our Bill of Rights and attacks upon our 2nd Amendment. As a former Federally Protected Whistle blower who knows a lot about corruption in government…I think it’s time we pursued this project, and I’ve been sending letters to some of our more famous traitors, asking if they would support the following concept:
      1. – I presume you are intimately familiar with fascist corruption, criminal activity, murder and treason…I am writing to determine your level of interest in helping to sponsor a new, public, self-funded project…( public-financing provided by online sites such as “gofundme”…”indigeo”, etc. etc.).

      2. – This project will be designed to root out corruption and treason within our government, as well as battling against the corrupt nature of the government / corporate / media fascism that has taken root within our Constitutional Republic.

      3. – Phase 1

      3a) – We are proposing the establishment of a new National Memorial Project. The memorial will be built at Ground Zero 911 and will be constructed of thermite-tainted steel from the three buildings that our treasonous government sponsored…or allowed to be imploded on 9-11-2001.

      3b) – The title of our new National Monument will be….The National Gallows for American Values…a 47 story tall…(fully functioning gallows)… with red-hot, liquid steel running through the site and steam rising from the grounds 24 / 7 for eternity. The location of the National Gallows will be centrally situated in NYC in order to give millions of Americans the opportunity to personally watch as their previously treasonous political leadership…convicted and sentenced to hang…are executed.

      3c) – This is the site where we will hang dozens of convicted traitors at one time…giving millions of furious, free Americans a chance to watch the public execution of convicted, corrupt traitors…(perhaps, even…while throwing rotten fruit, feces and garbage at the scum who have violated our Constitution and their oath). While these traitors slowly choke to death…such as corrupt police forces, national police forces and their leadership… and those intelligence agencies who implemented and activated 911…as well as convicting and hanging all those who started these treasonous, illegal wars and torture programs…and those who support and defend The Patriot Act…well…as these treasonous bastards slowly choke to death… perhaps they will understand what true liberty and freedom really feel like.

      4. – Phase 2

      4a) – While fund-raising for the construction of…The National Gallows…and accomplishing the tangible work of acquiring land, building permits and all those government-related-idiocies that modern America requires, The National Gallows Project will also be raising funds…with the wide-ranging goals of financing public relations campaigns, political groups and both investigative and historic research teams. The ultimate goal of these Investigative and Research teams will be to uncover evidence of treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity ..(going back fifty years…for those still alive)…and to prosecute all those involved in the purposeful destruction of our revered Constitutional Republic.

      4b) – The purpose of the fully-functioning, Gallows Memorial will be to serve as a reminder to those in government who act to steal, repress…or dilute our Constitutional Protections and Liberties. This would include all those who broke their oath to defend and protect The Constitution…and those engaged in war-crimes and the theft of other people’s natural resources under the ruse of…”fighting terrorism”…as well as other crimes against humanity that our own government has inflicted upon their own people and those of foreign lands.

      5. – Phase 3

      5a) – While The National Gallows will serve as the execution location for all those found to have engaged in treasonous conduct over the past fifty years…we are also interested in acquiring land in each of the fifty states in order to build smaller replicas of The National Gallows. Whereas we plan on being able to hang dozens of traitors simultaneously at The National Gallows in NYC…we would like to have local replicas available for those residents of communities that are being overrun with corrupt government traitors. For example…the people of Utah may wish to charge every member of The NSA who works in Utah for violations of their 4th amendment rights…they may want to convict them for treason and then hang them.

      5b) – Another great example….the citizens all across the country…those who still believe in the Constitution may want to charge, convict and hang any of their…”representatives”….or …”law enforcement”…. …especially their Governor who openly vote or act to violate the people’s rights…such as voting for Constitutional Abortions like the Patriot Act…or infringing upon 1st or 2nd Amendment rights by inferring citizens who express negative opinions of government or law enforcement are …”terrorists. The people of America may wish to charge and convict such people for treason.

      5c) – So….we are wondering if you’d like to be a part of this glorious process…and / or if you know of any land available that could be donated or sold to our cause? Would you be willing to propose legislation supporting The National Gallows Project…and the concept of Charge / Conviction / Hanging of all those who violate our Constitution and our personal, civil rights? Even corrupt, government, business and media officials and those hoping to achieve higher office…would you vote to convict and hang those type of people?

      5d) – Would you support the charging, conviction and execution of all military and political leadership who participated in the illegal wars of the past fifty years…just as they did after WWII in Nuremburg? Would you support charging the military and political leadership with treason for Vietnam, Panama, Iraq- 1, 2 or 3…Libya, Yemen, 911…Waco…Ruby Ridge…etc., etc. etc.?

      – Please let us know of your position on this vitally important subject…as we’d like to know if you are a supporter of The Constitution…or an enemy of the American People, Freedom and Liberty the world over?

      • desertspeaks

        given the fact that not one private man, woman or child is a party to any constitution.. where is your question rooted?

        • RJ O’Guillory

          …I understand the wordplay you are attempting…and as a Libertarian I can agree with your POV to some extent. However, the facts on the ground indicate that “The Constitution” is supposed to be the contract between the people and it’s government. That…”contract”… is supposed to regulate and define the relationship. You cannot expect a population of 300+ million citizens to be raised under such a system, and then simply expect them to ignore the violations of that same system…and in such a systemic manner, without reacting. So the question is rooted in the Oath To The Constitution that so many Americans have made in their lives…including every politician, local mayor, policeman, etc….and especially these animals who are purposefully destroying the foundations upon which the country was created…(warfare, land-theft, genocide, raiding and theft of of natural resources and slavery being left aside). Now…if you want to announce the fall of Constitutional America…and let anarchy reign…as long as we are not hurting one another…I’d be good with that…or the more current development of a new contract….but only if it protects our natural rights, liberties and freedoms.
          RJ O’Guillory

          • desertspeaks

            fyi, facts are not word play. unless you can provide us with tangible, factual, personal firsthand, irrefutable proof that you can attest to the veracity of.. can you do that?? NOPE!

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …do you dress in nylons, make-up…pockets full of condoms…and watching yourself in the mirror when you mentally masturbate like this? BTW…all facts are wordplay…that is why they are used in debate and human interaction…silly.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • desertspeaks

            so in summation you don’t actually have any evidence that you can personally attest to the veracity of proving your belief..

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …I think my point of view was pretty clear in my first few responses…I’m sorry you have this sad, cognitive difficulty with understanding such basic observations. By the way…did you just cum? The way you seem to be diddling yourself intellectually, that last comment seemed like your peaked or something…?
            RJ O’Guillory

          • desertspeaks

            unfortunately for you, your entire post was completely devoid of anything that would be considered evidence..
            Your insanity, beliefs, opinion and your feelings aren’t evidence proving anything, anywhere, ever!

            Padelford, Fay & Co. v. Mayor and Aldermen of City of Savannah 14 Ga. 438, which states the following;
            “But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. The States are the parties to it.”

            So much for your BELIEFS!

          • theman

            U.S. Supreme Court ~ Barron
            v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, 32 U.S. 7 Pet. 243 243 (1833)

            Chief Justice, delivered the opinion of the court concerning the limited
            jurisdiction of the US Constitution and the limited jurisdiction of each state’s
            Constitutions and the laws of each. Chief
            Justice explains the constitutions are for RESTRICTING governments… who is made
            up of the officers, employees and elected officials… NOT the free men and women
            of the several states of America…
            the people! In this decision, John
            Barron, a state citizen and NOT a federal citizen was not protected by the Bill
            of Rights of the US Constitution. Below
            are excerpts from the court’s decision as to why.

            The question thus presented is, we
            think, of great importance, but not of much difficulty. The Constitution was ordained and established
            by the people* of the United
            States for themselves, for their own
            government, and not
            for the government of the individual
            States. Each State established a
            constitution for itself, and in that constitution provided such limitations and restrictions on the powers of its particular government** as its judgment dictated.

            The people of the United States framed such a government for
            the United States
            as they supposed best adapted to their situation and best calculated to promote
            their interests. The powers they conferred on this government were to be exercised by itself, and the limitations on power, if
            expressed in general terms, are naturally, and we think necessarily, applicable to the
            created by the instrument. They are limitations
            of power granted in the instrument itself, not of distinct governments framed
            by different persons and for different purposes.

            If these propositions be correct, the
            fifth amendment must be understood as restraining the
            power of the General Government,
            not as applicable to the States. In their several
            Constitutions, they have imposed such RESTRICTIONS ON THEIR RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENTS
            (Page 32 U. S.
            248) **, as their own
            wisdom suggested, such as they deemed most proper for themselves. It is a subject on which they judge
            exclusively, and with which others interfere no further than they are supposed
            to have a common interest.

            We are of opinion that the
            provision in the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution declaring that private property shall
            not be taken for public use without just compensation is
            intended solely as a
            limitation on
            the exercise of power by the Government of the United States (Page 32 U. S. 251), and is not applicable to the legislation of the States. We are therefore of opinion that there is no
            repugnancy between the several acts of the general assembly of Maryland, given
            in evidence by the defendants at the trial of this cause, in the court of that
            State, and the Constitution of the United States. This
            court, therefore, has no jurisdiction of the cause, and it is dismissed.

          • desertspeaks

   Here is the case you cite.. read it instead of STUPIDLY COPY AND PASTING BS OFF THE INTERNET! MORON!