Richard Cassaro was born in New York City in 1972, and studied the ancient tradition early on, traveling widely in his youth. He graduated with honours in Journalism and Philosophy from Pace University.

Over the next several years he traveled to Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, England, Peru and finally Spain in his quest to uncover what he calls a lost “Sacred Science,” which he claims was symbolized architecturally by the “Triptych” pattern in Antiquity.

Not long after, he traveled to India where he learned a little Sanskrit, studied the Vedanta, and was initiated into a Theosophist society, where he began to recognize the Triptych’s link to the Freemasons.

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Cassaro has studied ancient ruins on four different continents (Americas, Africa, and Europe). He has lectured at academic and learning institutions in Egypt, Italy, Spain and Peru. His writings have been published in magazines and journals worldwide. He has been a ghost writer for a best-selling esoteric author, a U.S. Correspondent for a major Italian publishing house, a managing editor for a popular U.S. magazine, and a consultant to print and broadcast media.

This interview reveals the wisdom of the Triptych and the Sacred Science, their ancient roots, and their connection to Freemasonry.

Richard’s professional society affiliations include:

American Anthropological Association
American Folklore Society
Medieval Academy of America
Society for the Anthropology of Religion


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