The Shadow Government is an illegal, hostile, foreign government. Their unpunished actions and illegitimate ‘secret law’ are the litmus test that the CIA/NSA have not been a part of the public US Government since 9/11. “The Contitution is [still] the highest law of the land”

by 911bodysnatchers322


First of all I want to say that Psychological warfare is warfare and has real costs.

Secondly, we assume the CIA, NSA, and Intelligence community are part of the public US Government. They aren’t.

  1. ) They were declared a universal-fascist, foreign national intelligence contractor on 9/11 when the Continuity of Government plan was set into action by Richard Clarke and Dick Cheney.
  2. ) This COG plan makes the Intelligence community extraconstitutional
  3. ) Extraconstititonal means foreign. No longer part of the public government.
  4. ) Continuity of Government Research Nexus
  5. ) Congresspeople and SCOTUS who have been cuckholded by this are not allowed into the COG meetings.
  6. ) These people are told “don’t ask about COG”. It’s under “secret law”.
  7. ) “Secret law” is code word for “they are not operating under the Constititon”, and therefore they are “a foreign government”—a “Shadow Government”.
  8. ) Because in the US “secret law” is not legal or legitimate.
  9. ) In the US, the Constitituon and the bill of rights (amendments) is the highest law of the land. Secret law isn’t higher than the Constitution.
  10. ) There is no constitutional ‘executive orders’ that can declare “secret law” as legitimate. Our president isn’t some kind of space emperor or god-emperor.
  11. ) “Secret Law” being legitimate is as laughable as me claiming to be be a magistrate of interdimensional law, and claiming ultimate dominion over all other dimensions. Btw, I hereby claim dominion and sovereignty over all other dimensions.
  12. ) The Constititon has jurisdiction because of Popular Sovereignty, it’s a social contract. We agreed to it like it’s a EULA for citizenship.
  13. ) Secret law is not in that contract!
  14. ) Popular sovereignty on wikipedia:

“The American Revolution marked a departure in the concept of popular sovereignty as it had been discussed and employed in the European historical context. With their Revolution, Americans substituted the sovereignty in the person of King George III, with a collective sovereign—composed of the people. Thenceforth, American revolutionaries generally agreed and were committed to the principle that governments were legitimate only if they rested on popular sovereignty – that is, the sovereignty of the people. (bitch!) [c] This idea—often linked with the notion of the consent of the governed—was not invented by the American revolutionaries. Rather, the consent of the governed and the idea of the people as a sovereign had clear 17th and 18th century intellectual roots in English history.[5]”

15.) We didn’t agree to secret law, we didn’t even know about it! And they won’t tell us about it. We had to find out.. That means it’s illegitimate. There is no popular sovereignty basis for something we don’t even know about!

16. ) This means that the CIA/NSA cannot declare psychological operations against the US Citizens, nor can it wage psychological warfare against the US, nor can it attack and kill US citizens, nor can it spy on them illegally as it had done and be Constitutional.

17. ) Therefore, the US intelligence community is NO LONGER A PART OF THE PUBLIC US GOVERNMENT.

18.) It is a “shadow government” (by the FBI’s own words), and that doesn’t mean they are “hiding inside our government”, it means they are “hiding OUTSIDE of our government”. It means they are their own government, not unlike Israel, or Saudi, or Canada. They are the united states of global intelligence. They are basically Odessa.

19. ) This also means that the US Government have been at perpetual war with the US Intelligence Community, and that the US Government, by approving their funding, has been giving money to a hostile enemy government, so the whole government is a guilty of treason, not the CIA/NSA. They are actually a foreign hostile nation that has attacked civilians, which means they are guilty of International War Crimes, Human Rights Abuses, and should be dismantled immediately and every human person, software agent, system or hardware who participated in making them a shadow government arrested / dismantled for high treason.