The Stupid Burns: Someone Is Selling A ‘Legit Bag Of Air’ Breathed By Singer Adele On Ebay, Bidding Up To $1,500

by Piper Mcgowin | The Daily Sheeple 

Well apparently the listing was taken down… but here’s what it looked like just before it was:


That’s right, folks! It’s a “legit bag of air” — “air straight from Adele live” up for auction on EBay with 48 bids up to $2,000 AU (approximately $1,525 USD).

The bidding, it should be noted, had started at $14.95 with free shipping, meaning the guy knew he was selling an otherwise empty zip lock baggie with a bunch of stuff written on it in Sharpie marker as a total gimmick and yet…

People couldn’t wait to blow their money on…


The seller, user @shaun_mcdonough, had also included a picture from the Adele concert he was supposedly at in the listing to help prove his case that he shared the air with the singer…

But also just know that not only do we live in a world where people are auctioning off otherwise empty zip lock baggies with a bunch of stuff written on them in Sharpie marker, but we live in a world where people would spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for… otherwise empty zip lock baggies with a bunch of stuff written on them in Sharpie marker.


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  • Wile E Genius

    It’s their money

  • farmerdave

    I have read that everyone in this planet has breathed the same are as the original inhabitants for the past 100 years, so yes I could sell my bag of breath for millions claiming that it was Elvis’s air, which would be true. Asshats….

  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    Next up, the Clinton Foundation will start selling bags with 100% authentic Hitlery farts for only $250k a piece — they need a new income source now that she doesn’t hold office and can’t pay-for-play.
    And probably Wall Street will actually buy them.

  • Ingold Inglorion

    Air from a fat chav. This is where society has fallen.

  • Joe Blow

    So who is Adele?

    • Justin Thought

      That was going to be my question.

      • Joe Blow

        Welcome to the club. In line at a store and all the magazines have pictures of people I have no clue about with “issues” I could care less about. ????

  • Mr Reynard

    Paying $1500 for air breathed by that diseased syphilitic slut ?? You must have shit for brain ??

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    I have a jar of Tang and a half eaten Space Food Stick left behind by Jimi Hendrix, how much you give me?

  • Meepo