The US has illegally forced itself into the Syrian conflict (no UN mandate, no Congressional approval, no invitation from the Syrian government). How can we watch another useless, violent overthrow which creates millions of refugees and victimizes an entire country?

(ANTIMEDIA) While the mainstream media, spearheaded by CIA-linked media outlet Washington Post, takes the meaning of “fake news” to a whole new level regarding the supposed Trump-Russia collusion, this same media is almost all but silent on the fact that U.S. forces just directly attacked a Russian ally in Syria.

As of the time of this article’s publication, there is no mention of Syria or Assad on the Washington Post’homepage. There are plenty of references to Russia, Michael Flynn, James Comey, and even speculation that Russian president Vladimir Putin directly pays American president Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, in the battlefield arena, Trump has given his military generals broad scope to call in airstrikes at their own discretion. As such, American aircraft bombed a military convoy flying Syrian flags in the country’s southeast region on Friday. According to U.S. defense officials, this is the first time the U.S. military has targeted regime forces since the start of the Syrian war.

However, this isn’t the first time the Syrian government has been on the receiving end of American airstrikes (see here and here.) The major difference here is that this is the first time the military has admitted to targeting pro-Syrian troops, with the exception of Trump’s military strike on a Syrian air-base in April, which was designed to damage infrastructure only.

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According to Middle East Eye, the targeted convoy actually belonged to Shia militias loyal to the Syrian president, and Syrian troops were not directly targeted. The strike came after a warning to Russia from their American counterparts that these Assad loyalists were coming too close for comfort, and this warning was followed by a warning shot to the troops. After the warning shot failed to deter the troops, the coalition struck the front vehicles of the convoy directly.

Despite this strike, a U.S. official has explained that it was a “defensive” action that has not changed the U.S. policy of focusing military efforts in battling ISIS, the Independent notes.

Just yesterday, Anti-Media ran a story suggesting it was possible that anonymously leaked Russia-gate stories are a major distraction from a number of developments, including the fact that Russian-backed Syrian troops were headed toward a U.S. training base in Syria.

Our country is rules by zionists and we kill hundreds a day.



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