The West’s Greatest Sin is Betraying Ourselves

Are we so different now than human beings ever were in the past? How could we be immune to processes that have been used before? These are dark days. Thousands of people are being caught up in mob mentality and literally attacking people for thoughts that they find “abhorrent.” There is an institutionally approved narrative and those who don’t get in line will singled out to be ruined by the mob. We have been here before.

Historians once said that the notion that the witch trials were a crack down on native European spirituality was laughable. We now know that this is not true. In the Middle Ages and up until the advent of the printing press, the Church and elites controlled virtually all education and written records. Churches were used as our mass media is today, to get the right messaging out to the rabble. And, anyone deviating from proper church prescribed behavior could be subjected to persecution. People were persecuted for what amounts to thought crimes.

The tactics then are the same as now. This is always institutionalized at the top. Those who have vast wealth are the nobility of our current epoch. And they are able to influence politicians through campaign contributions, they own virtually all of the mainstream media, and they also influence academia through both donations and media pressure..

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So we have a populace who largely now rejects church indoctrination. Does that mean we are not indoctrinated? We are sending our children to educational institutions who have an active agenda. We are watching media that is pushing that same agenda. Our news sources are all owned by multi-billionaires. And our politicians are all bought off by those same billionaires and their multi-national corporations.. Elites Have Always Used Strategic Population Displacement. If we look to the Roman Empire, we see that Roman citizens were brought to settle in newly conquered Roman territories. This happened more recently in the Soviet Union.

Sometimes population shift is used BEFORE a takeover.. Normans had been brought into England well before the invasion, some of which had key positions of influence. Nobles had also been brought in and given land.. The English king, Edward the Confessor, seemed very naive to the consequences of this. It turns out that letting foreigners into his nation in key strategic positions was a disastrous mistake that all of the English would pay for, and arguably still pay for today..

Today, we are being told that the idea of an ethno-state is racist white supremacy. But, I ask you, have you ever actually LOOKED at any other parts of the world? There is not one East Asian nation that I can think of that is NOT an ethno-state.. The Japanese face a declining population, BUT THEY REFUSE TO TAKE IN MASS NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS. Why? Because the Japanese FEAR bringing in large numbers of people who do not understand their culture and way of life. The Japanese would rather create robots to do menial labor than bring in foreigners…




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