The World Economy Is Collapsing Right In Front Of Our Eyes


Europe is starting to crumble, the Eurozone has double digit unemployment huge amount of debt and many countries in the Eurozone have no growth at all. US confidence is falling and retail sales are plummeting, stores like JC Penny, Sears, Macy’s, Walmart are predicting a horrible holiday season for retail. On Nov 1 those who receive food stamps will have a reduction in the amount they receive. This reduction could spark riots across America, something the Government would like so they could declare martial law.


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  • sandollar_man

    I wonder “which part” of the government would want there to be riots? Small Business admin? – no…
    Treasury? No… they threw tons of money at us when the banking system collapsed. That was to prevent riots.
    Defense Dept? No… Riots cause cops and the military to choose sides. Too much risk that the cops and military might choose the same side as their poor destitute neighbors. Better to keep the status quo where everyone is subdued and pacified by the subservient media.
    Executive Branch? No… the guy in charge has a heritage of slavery. And his main push has been better health care for the citizenry. Seems really unlikely, doesn’t it. If fact, so unlikely, that it would be pushing cognitive dissonance into intergalactic regions.

    • Wageslave

      Department of homeland security would like to put some of their shiny new equipment to work: MRAP vehicles, assault weapons, body armor, newly constructed detention camps, and 1.6 billion hollow point ammo. Wake up.

      • sandollar_man

        I heard it was a zillion-bazillion-trillion hollow point bullets. Isn’t that Alex Jones’s latest scoop? The number of ZERO’s following that One…well…it’s sad.

        • truthist

          Some sandollar man but please site Obama’s background with slavery

          • sandollar_man

            Well he’s “half black”. His dad was a black man. His mom white.
            So half his heritage is the remembrance of when his ancestors were slaves. Subservient yielding slaves.

            Have you ever wondered how it would affect your feelings of self worth and dignity, if that was your heritage? Really, take an hour and try contemplating that. And then contemplate rising above it.

          • cesarthegreat

            In that case, the Irish should be just as upset as anyone. Or are you not familiar with the atrocities perpetrated upon the Irish slaves in the early days of our country? Or the Italians? Throughout history, throughout the world, peoples of all colors have been slaves. No one has a monopoly on historical suffering. Its time to drop this line of thinking and contemplate how to move forward with equality as opposed to having a pissing contest over who has suffered the most. All this does is perpetuate divisiveness.

          • sandollar_man

            You have misunderstood my intentions. I’m optimistic about this President’s ability to be an optimist and rise above the naysaying to achieve good things.

    • usurykills

      The “Federal Reserve” part of the government wants riots. Of course, they aren’t actually part of the government (ask Greenspan) so maybe you’re right. Maybe the government is doing everything they do in the best interest of everyday citizens. You funny!

      Is health care the same as health insurance? WTF is an “intergalactic region?” Drop the race card, man.

      • sandollar_man

        I don’t usually refer to race but I was replying to the guy named truthist and he left a very cryptic message about race. I was just trying to clarify.
        In Canada and many other of our trading partners, health insurance companies are allowed to provide “supplemental” insurance. Insurance companies don’t actually provide health care and if it was up to me they would only provide supplemental insurance here. It’s a layer of profit that is hard to get rid of because of their great sway in Congress.

        Do a search for a video called “the true cost of healthcare” if you want to find out what malpractice insurance really costs. We’ve been misled. It’s the most enlightening video I’ve seen in a while.

  • usurykills

    Episode 221: Just tells you how long it takes a world-wide economic collapse to play out…

  • Pravda01

    The US economy is pretty much done! Not the World – US is not the World, but the World would be better off without USA or JEWSA.