The World Is On The Brink of Currency War, Banking Crisis and Economic Collapse… Jim Rickards – Gold is Going to $10,000.00 oz… Bill Gross: All financial assets are overvalued

Coming Currency Wars Will Make 1930s Look Like Picnic – John Mauldin

From Deutsche Bank to Credit Suisse and from Barclays to Banco Popolare, the European banking system is getting battered this week with today’s plunge the biggest in 4 months


This is the worst two week drop in European banks since April 2012…



As Deutsche falls back to record lows…

Global Economy at the Brink of Collapse!

Global economic collapse crisis stock market……………

Gross: All financial assets are overvalued

Jim Rickards – Gold is Going to $10,000.00 oz

Rickards The Next Global Financial Crises which is coming soon will bring $10,000.00 Gold


De-Dollarization Kicks into High Gear – It’s official! Chinese internationalization of the Yuan is now underway 


On June 8, the London Stock Exchange issued the first Chinese offshore sovereign bond, setting the table for the internationalization of the Renminbi currency.  This move had been months in the making when the City of London had signed an agreement to participate in Yuan denominated Chinese bonds being sold in their global markets.

This move also is another step in China’s ultimate plan to have the Yuan currency be on par or greater than the dollar as a medium of trade, especially following last year’s acceptance into the IMF’s SDR basket of reserve currencies.


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“China’s Ministry of Finance listed its first sovereign offshore renminbi bond on the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in increasing London’s offshore renminbi liquidity as the renminbi embraces its new status as a global reserve currency.

The 3 billion yuan ($458 million) three year renminbi bond issued in London is the first sovereign bond Ministry of Finance issued outside China. It is expected to act as a benchmark to aid future renminbi assets’ pricing, hence encourage more issuance of renminbi investment products offshore. Bank of China and HSBC are joint global coordinators of the bond.


For any currency to reach the stage of internationalization, bond hubs must be established where foreign countries and investors can have access to buying these bonds, and allowing for an expansion of the originator’s currency within the global monetary system.

The World’s Wealthiest Families Are BUYING GOLD — Marin Katusa

Researcher, Analyst & Best-Selling Author Marin Katusa founder of Katusa Research joins us to offer his analysis on the rapidly changing global economic order, the near and long term future of the US Petrodollar – and the critical importance that PHYSICAL gold should play in every thinking man’s portfolio. In fact, in this exclusive SGT Report interview, Katusa reveals a secret, “I’ll tell you what guys in power are telling me,” Marin explains, “the wealthiest people on the planet” are taking the contrarian position, they are getting into gold. “These are things you’ll never read in the Wall Street Journal,” Katusa says.


Carl Icahn: Soros has points with bearish bets; stocks falsely being propped up

Carl Icahn told CNBC on Thursday that bearish bets by fellow billionaire investor George Soros have merit because the stock market has been artificially boosted by prolonged low interest rates.

Some of the values in stocks, “you just have to wonder,” the chairman of Icahn Enterprises told “Squawk Box” in a wide-ranging interview.

Soros has returned to trading after a long hiatus, according to The Wall Street Journal, directing a series of big, bearish investments. The paper reports he sold stocks, and bought gold and shares of gold miners.


Bill Gross: Negative yields are a $10 trillion ‘supernova‘ that will

Bond guru Bill Gross believes the growing global move toward negative … While it’s unclear what database Gross used to track bond yields back to the 16th …



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