Theory on Flynn being the bait against Strzok

Here is why I think this is a possibility:

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  • Sessions, at least publicly, has looked like a completely useless moron. He recused himself, creating a neverending shitshow for the Trump administration. There is no way this guy is this useless and there is no way Trump wouldn’t fire him if he were indeed so useless. I’ve never bought Sessions being this unable to do anything. No one has been able to give a reasonable explanation except that he’s either corrupt or a complete moron.
  • Flynn lied about something that was true and not against the law. It doesn’t make any sense after him having such a clean career.
  • Various anon’s and Gowdy have claimed that Comey is actually a good guy. Trump not firing him immediately was always weird to me, since from the outside, he would have been one of the first people I fire.
  • Trump and the right side of the media are constantly releasing new info on the various Clinton scandals. This is heading somewhere or else they wouldn’t even bother. The Hill, Hannity and others have also made it clear that they have even more information to release.
  • Strzok clearly has a lot of influence and seemed to be involved in multiple cases while being known for having a bias.
  • There is no one who can tell me that there was not something fishy going on with the whole Clinton case. I don’t even have time to name all of the irregularities that happened…and Strzok just happens to be involved in all of them.
  • We already know that Flynn had involvement with Obama and Manafort was hired by the Podesta’s. You can’t investigate either and not get into either of those two parties.




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