There Has Been A Major Escalation In UFO sightings! – Proof Is In The News!

In the last 5 years, there has been a major escalation in UFO sightings. Orbs of light, often in triangular formation, have been appearing all over the world. It is obvious that they are not flares, balloons, or Chinese lanterns. There truly are only two possibilities: they are in fact some form of extra-terrestrial spacecrafts, or they are military.

Here’s why they aren’t military:

1. The technology is too advanced. These are not solid triangular crafts, they are individual orbs of light. They are clearly employing anti-gravity technology. There are many videos and eyewitness accounts in which they are seen accelerating at high rates of speed and maneuvering in ways that suggest a level of technology hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of ours.

2. The exact same orbs have been appearing since at least the 1940s(see: foo fighters), when we definitely didn’t have the technology to produce such a craft. There have been many, many sightings of these orbs(not to mention huge triangles and disk-shaped crafts) by highly credible witnesses all throughout the century.
We are being observed by beings from other planets. And is it really so surprising? There are 200 billion other solar systems just in our Milky Way Galaxy. There is life everywhere!

And what is so interesting and amazing is that they are not simply observing us from afar. They are intentionally appearing for us to see. They want us to see them. Why? What is the purpose?

Could it be they are attempting to wake us up to the reality that we are but one of many, many, intelligent civilizations in the Universe? If so, why don’t they just land and talk to us?

Perhaps they understand it isn’t best to force it upon us all at once. First contact is a very shocking thing. We need to time to absorb the reality of it. To get over the shock and disbelief.

These orb triangle appearances are part of a process designed to help us get over the shock and disbelief before they formally introduce themselves. These beings understand human psychology very well. They know what they are doing.
The question is: are they going to “arrive” at some predetermined date, or are they waiting for us to reach out to them in some way first? Or are they just waiting for our awareness to reach a certain level?

Whatever the answer, what we need to do is continue to raise awareness about this new reality, while also thinking of ways to reach out to them in peace and in unity.

Recent UFO Sightings of 2013 (June)



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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    The vehicles that are being sighted are the shadow governments craft for the most part. You can google “TR3B, TR4 or TR6 Telos, to see pics. However, some of what is being seen is not created by humans, but I wouldn’t be looking for a friendly E.T. to arrive, because these craft are demonic in nature and are not here to help.

  • Dis Information

    No one knows what they are, but they are. I have seen top secret unmanned stealth aircraft, and those are not UFOs, we know what those are and they are rare to see. Since 1977 I have seen white orbs do things no man-made aircraft or satellites can do. I saw one just last month. In 1989 I once saw a HUGE black equilateral triangle with a red light at each corner, it silently moved over my town at night, others saw it, including a cop. What is it? Humans pretend to know many things, it makes them feel special and ‘in control’ to think they know it all. I don’t think the government knows any more than us, but I think they want us to think they do. Maybe the 3 wise-men followed an orb to find Christ, maybe this, maybe that, but no one knows. When people say they know, they lie, and that’s weak. Personally, I think it’s all a waste of time and should be ignored. The truth is ‘out there’ and it’s still stranger than fiction, so why bother?