These are the numbers most likely to come up in tonight’s Mega Millions lottery drawing

From Bespoke Investment Group:

People are scrambling to their local gas stations, delis, or supermarkets across the country this evening. Why? The Mega Millions lotto is up to $363 million, and the drawing is tonight.

If you want to get serious about which numbers to pick, why not take a look at the historical data?

Below, we highlight which numbers have come up the most and least often in the 705 drawings that have occurred since the current Mega Millions format was put in place back in June 2005.

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Under the current format, players pick any five numbers between one and 56, and then they pick a final Mega Ball number between one and 46. To win the jackpot, you’ve got to get all five regular numbers and the Mega Ball number correct.

The difference between the numbers that get picked the most and least often might be higher than you think…

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