They have gone off the rails: “Nobody should make more than $50K, there should be a 90% tax past it.”

So sick of hearing kids complain and say college should be free. College isn’t a right, nor should it be considered a basic necessity for everyone.

Get a trade. Some of them pay tons more than a job you get out of college. Nowadays, there are only a handful of degrees that will ensure a decent job.

My brother in law has a degree in graphic design, but is now a welder and gets decent money.


Double Standards…

Humble Hillary Calls Herself Revolutionary, Says If I Had Won, I Would Have Been Seen As a Genius

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In an interview on Tuesday with NPR’s Morning Edition host Rachel Martin, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called her campaign “revolutionary,” adding “if I had won, I would have been seen as a genius.”




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4 Responses

  1. noman Arizona says:

    The whine cellar dwellers are screeching again.

  2. TrumpIsMaster says:

    America has been invaded by Communists/Socialists for a long time. Its now showing its face right up front for everyone to see and many liberals and democrats are either ignorant or really are happy to support communism.

    Why do these Americans hate America so much?

  3. Citizen Quasar says:

    The Clintons are murdering scum who should be hanged, if not beheaded or just plain shot.

  4. come-and-take-it says:

    50K is good. Just make sure the politicians and the bankers do the same and add a provision that no one may have more than a $500K net worth. It’ll fly when pigs do.

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