They Knew Too Much! All 3 Banker Deaths Connected to Big Bank Investigations!

As people start to dig , it becomes clear! These guys were guys of inside company knowledge and maybe even bigger things!…


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  • James Woroble Jr

    Although a reasonable and sensible assumption, there is another possibility that exists which is perhaps less apparent, but just as viable, if not more so. Jew banksters have over reached in their arrogance of even screwing over sovereign nations and ripping them off with impunity. They have recently gone as far as perpetrating this fraud with China — the 12 ton dragon in the living room. It is just as likely that China is sending a message that such betrayals and theft will no longer be tolerated. This probability becomes much more relevant when one considers that the Jew banksters have had for some time virtual and de facto immunity from prosecution. Examples abound. Why would they need to silence those who ‘know too much’ when it doesn’t matter anyway???

    • knifemare69

      And who exactly LET the ‘Jew bankers’ get in charge of all their finances, hmmm? That would be stupid, inbred WASP nobility and corporate elites – all of whom could wipe the ‘Jew bankers’ out in a single evening if they were sufficiently motivated.

      Wake me up when your conspiracy theories include a little more research and insight than rechewing Hitler’s vomit about the ‘Evil Jews’…