This house market is falling apart… Housing recovery is an illusion, real estate expert says… “for the first time since February 2008, all cities showed lower annual rates than the previous month.”

“Widespread Slowdown In Home Price Gains”: Case-Shiller Misses, Rises By Slowest Since 2012

The fourth (or is it fifth?) dead cat bounce in the US housing market is rapidly fading, as we just confirmed by the latest Case-Shiller Home Price Index data for the month of June, which saw a Y/Y increase in home prices of just 8.07%, below the 8.3% expected, and the slowest increase since December 2012. As the report noted, “for the first time since February 2008, all cities showed lower annual rates than the previous month.” On a monthly basis, the NSA index, Case-Shiller’s preferred, rose by 1.0% for the 10 and 20-City composite, with the Seasonally Adjusted composite declining for the second consecutive month: the last time there were two consecutive monthly declines during a price declining phase was in late 2010.


Durables Goods, Excluding Bumper Boeing Orders, Suffer Biggest Drop Of 2014

Opinion: This house market is falling apart

Housing recovery is an illusion, real estate expert says

Most real estate experts believe the U.S. housing market is roaring back. Few have anything to negative to say about real estate. But what if they’re wrong?

Real estate analyst Keith Jurow, author of the Capital Preservation Real Estate Report, is warning that the real estate market is not as strong as it seems. Says Jurow: “I never bought into the idea that we had a recovery at all.” His research leads him to conclude that home prices will be heading lower.

Why? Largely because home listings are going up but sale prices are not. Jurow discovered that as of June 2014, listings in Ft. Lauderdale increased by 89.3% year-over-year. In Miami, listings are up by 65.7% In Charlotte, N.C. they are up 51%, and in Riverside, Calif. they’re up 28.1%. In 10 major metro areas around the country, listings have increased. Jurow gets his data from and

“Many people waited for prices to rise before putting their house on the market, and they have,” Jurow says. “But now listings are increasing because everyone has the same idea. Unfortunately, May and June are traditionally the strongest months for sales, and these home sellers have missed the peak season.”

China’s falling real-estate prices trigger protests, clashes

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — The sharp drop in China’s housing prices has led to an outburst of anger among property owners, leading to violent clashes in some cases, according to local media reports Tuesday.

In one case, scores of property owners surrounded a Shanghai sales office of Greentown China Holdings Ltd. 3900, +8.58% GTWCF, -33.19%  to protest the developer’s 25% cut to prices within a five-day period, according to a report on the NetEase NTES, +0.59%  news portal site

Protesters held banners with slogans such as “You cheated us!” and “300,000 yuan [$48,750] worth of assets evaporate within five days — years of work in vain!” according to photographs of the demonstration posted on the site.




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  • Raven Rooster

    There’s no positive news which could give Americans a break. It very good at the top, that place where the 2%ers live. As for the rest of us better start prepping for the worst case scenario.And when it happens. Some good advice for urbanites and especially New Yorkers. Be it an economic implosion, a major earth quake or war be prepared, it’s around the corner. Watch the fat cats on Wall Street, they always get out before pulling the rug out from all those true believers. Same old modus operandi for the Ponzi scheme: pull in the suckers with promises of big profits, and then blame the economic downturn on all their losses. Guess what, no one goes to jail, sucker! But you’ve been warned before and didn’t read the writing on the wall. A while ago you were too busy blowing off firecrackers, spending your money on stupidity. Pretty soon your peanut butter and crackers are going to run out, and in about three days you will slowly but surely morph into a zombie. Who you gonna blame? You voted these sociopaths in and they robbed you blind. You should have been a prepper. Now when you reach into your pocket you will find your scrotum, not much of a weapon to protect your family. Sorry ain’t the word. OK, and when the dollar collapses or a natural disaster strikes, what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about as worthless, and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morph into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free if you have a amazon account, or for the price of a bag of chips get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from amazon, 101 rules to save you and your family from disaster. Wanna live? Learn to read. Survive!! Check it out.

    • M Fr Nch

      Prepping is a good idea but when you think about it, it is not a solution or an actual alternative to the scenario you present. Actually looking the real problem in the face and putting aside the fear people have been conditioned with so as to solve the problem once and for all is a far better idea.
      Everyone talks about what may happen if “they” crash the economy or declare martial law or a whole host of other nasty things they are currently implementing. However nobody talks about the obvious sensible and needed solution, stop them.
      I am not under the illusion it will be easy. It will be difficult especially in the first few weeks, but like a lot of us learned in school (it was a while back) a bully will crumble when confronted by a determined individual. Of course they will try some back stabbing afterward but if handled correctly this is not a problem. We have a choice we can prep and hope hiding out will be enough but when you are forced to leave the bug-out location or the bomb shelter or wherever you chose to stash you and your group, it will all be there waiting for you. All the mayhem, hungry people, militarized police, drone surveillance, and a lot more. This is a time you may well wish the other option had been used and the problem removed instead of letting the parasite elected crooks front for the true blood thirsty, murderous psychopaths and start a war that cannot be won.
      So as gently as I can I suggest standing up and taking it back before it gets blown off the map along with us.

      • Byg Richard 4u

        Yea, it’s good what you suggest, but when standing on the deck of the Titanic the only thing in a person’s mind is finding a lifeboat. To late to think about why the ship was built without sufficient lifeboats. If you’re surrounded by hungry vultures you better have something in your pocket other than your scrotum. Prepping is like wearing a seatbelt. Talking to your congressman is like not wearing a condom while entertaining a twenty dollar business woman. Good luck.

        • M Fr Nch

          I do agree with you , and I never mentioned talking to anyone. As for my pocket well it is never empty, on these things we agree totally