This is spiraling out of control: Every News Station now blaming Right wing Christian conservatives for Boston Bombing. CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC…




Cnn Again

EVEN FOX NEWS! This is getting Insane!

Interesting enough the only suspect is a single Black male… which would be a democrat, right!




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  • Moriisu Isha

    The echo chamber has spoken.

  • hvaiallverden

    A terror act is despecable in any way possible, and above all, when inocents is targeded.

    When thats sayed, americans, how does it feals to be bombed, when your voices where silent when others are living under conditions like this, under the curtesy of the lunatics in Washington DC, bombing land after land all over the globe. How about the children slayed, no f… sound, when villages is bombed, no a f…. sound, and so we all are suposed to weep with you, go f…. your self.
    Start to realise the pain YOU have given the worrld and then, maybe, maybe, you will gett some syhphaty, and NOT before.
    Am I harsh, no, not at all, its You whom dont see, and thats a fact.
    Watch the children in Fallujah, and weep, then I belive you.

    This is 100% black flagg, and its to convinient, the scrapp bok is ready, it apears to be handled out pre-episode and the hammering have started, and the direction of their intent is crystal clear, they are coming for you, the exuse is there, the public will is there, and the hunt will start.

    If you still dont belive their intentions, well, I am glad I dont live in your land, so far, at least.


  • Rogoraeck

    Now! Who??? Can we blame for this terrorist act??
    Assad?? Ahmenijahd??Or some right-wing white supremacist, racist, redneck, pro-gun nut, militia.
    BTW. Forget about Kim. He’s got nukes!

  • iamnotbeef

    Real terrorists (IRA, Basque separatists, Baader-Meinhof etc) always target the state of symbols of the state, this has “false flag/get the people afraid” written all over it…..

  • Paula Garten

    Nothing to see here folks, just another government sponsored event.

  • hp

    Pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to “document the event.”

  • freddadderf

    I do not blame right wing Christian conservatives for the Boston bombing, though I do blame them for mass stupidity, racism, hatred and being part of the divide-and-conquer tactics of the Congress, president and banking elite.

    • someone with wisdom

      A very wise man once said listen to what the Devil is accusing you of ….its usually what he is guilty of…..Hello Satan. Btw….your day is coming.

  • Dr.Sbaitso

    channel4 just now

  • someone with wisdom

    it was the JEWS!! Hitler said it!!

  • debbie

    no the’re not.