THIS WILL MOST LIKELY PISS YOU OFF! Welfare Queen Mocks US Taxpayers, Feeds Lobster to Her Dog

A disgusting video of a welfare queen bragging about how smart she is for avoiding taxes and living off of other peoples’ hard work has recently started to go viral. What’s infuriating most people isn’t even her bragging, or her feeding Red Lobster to her dog…it’s what she used to buy with her EBT card just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the past eight years of Obama, the government assistance programs in this country have gotten completely out of control. We now have lazy, selfish bums walking around with EBT cards buying steak, caviar, and luxury items, all because of other peoples’ hard work.

One welfare queen however, has been infuriating millions of Americans both left and right alike—in the following video, she films herself going to Red Lobster and purchasing some live lobster, worth around $45 per pound. She then proceeds to say it disgusts her, and brag about how she’s going to feed it to her dog.

“I just bought it for the fucking video, I don’t want this shit disgusts me. I used to like lobster, but I can’t eat it now—I went and I bought a fucking live lobster with my food stamps. Why are you allowed to buy a live lobster with your food stamps? So I picked out the biggest, fucking juiciest one,” she says.

Then, she goes on to brag about how the cashier likely had to work “an hour and a fuckin’ half” to pay for that lobster she just bought. “This is an hour and a half of her time, for me to buy this so I can make a fuckin’ YouTube video,” she adds. “These peoples’ taxes paid for this.”

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As if this wasn’t enough, she goes on to taunt taxpayers further. “They can barely afford to fucking feed themselves, and their taxes are going for people to buy fucking lobster with their food stamps.” This welfare queen then goes on to mock the cashier for having a flip phone.

“She’s got a fucking flip phone, it probably gets shut off all the time because she can’t even afford to pay her bill,” she says, revealing that the government gave her a free smart phone–worth something like $850—under Obama. Then, she really steps out of line.

“These are my coach key chains here,” she says bragging about her luxury brand key chains. “This is my coach key chains, these three key chains here they cost more than those minimum wage peoples’ fuckin’ car payment! They cost more than their fuckin’ car payment.”

“Well, actually most of them don’t even have fucking cars, they’re using fucking public transportation,” she adds. “You can just sit on your ass…I’m on social security for depression, which is a disability, so if you’re too depressed to work full time apply for social security.”


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