This year’s flu shot kills. DO NOT get it.

Look around the local news reports nationwide, and you will see report after report of vaccinated people dying from the flu, often with the following detail specified:

“They become septic with a bacterial bloodstream infection and then all the organs shut down,” said Dr. Lee Norman.”

A woman in my state just died under the exact, same circumstances, which set me looking around for more info, and I found this same story repeated over, and over, and over.

All flu shots are dangerous, but this one seems exceptionally bad.

Katie McQuestion: flu shot, sepsis, death:

Ayzlee, 3 years old. Note that she tested positive for both influenza A and B; both strains are in this year’s shot.

“ALthough Gray had gotten the flu shot, she complained of flu-like symptoms on December 21st. The following day things quickly got worse.

“My sister and brother-in-law took her to the urgent care Monday night thinking she had strep but she did not have strep,” says Broman. “The next morning she had a temperature of 105 and was immediately taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital and immediately put on ventilator.”

Five days later Amber died from pneumonia and sepsis.”

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. —State health officials are on alert after a teacher with the flu died over the weekend, the Lauderdale County School District told WTOK.

Ashley Dial, 28, developed sepsis, which health officials said is a complication of the flu.

The principal at Northeast Elementary School, where Dial spent her first semester, said the third-grade teacher wasn’t feeling well Dec. 15. She went to the doctor, was hospitalized and later died.