Trump Evacuated From White House After Massive 9/11 Spy System Discovered

by Thinker

The satanic group that brought down the twin towers doesn’t want the change Trump is bringing and the exposure of crimes that have continued to be covered up for some, while others go to jail.

The missing $8.6 trillion from the Pentagon will be exposed if Trump countinues on the path he is on, and those who personally profited from the $30 billion in gold stolen from the lower levels of building #7 during 9/11. Why isn’t anyone looking for it, when the U.S. has closed parks due to lack of funds. Find the missing funds and Americans will find those who have committed crimes against humanity to own stuff!

Murder for money?

US Army General Whistle Blower Reveals Facts of 9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks

Major General Albert N Stubblebine III, responsible for ALL the Army’s Strategic Intelligence Operations Around the World, explains and tells that it was factually not an airplane that hit the Pentagon, and all the sensors around the Pentagon, except for one, had been turned OFF beforehand…….goes on to explain about controlled demolition for the World Trade Center, how all the air defense systems had been turned OFF, and the fact that Tower 7 fell the same exact way as the Twin Towers, and the fact that jet fuel can NOT get hot enough to melt the beams, which many have heard, but many haven’t seen this video and him speaking.