Ticking Time Bomb — More And More Evidence Points To The Fact The Central Bankers/US Government Are Preparing For A False Flag

More and more evidence points to the fact the central bankers/US government are preparing for a false flag. We now have two nuclear commanders who have been relieved of their commands, a missing nuke, dry runs of planes, propaganda about Syria and Iran attacking, numerous amount of drills taking place within a 6 week period. The FED is shifting the blame of the taper to the shutdown of the Government and this had nothing to do with the taper. The FED and Government do not want to be blamed for the collapse and they are now planning to use a false flag event to blame another country.


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  • sleat

    Fear, fear, fear, fear, FEAR!
    Yow, are we havin’ fear yet?

    Y’all got to be afraid, right NOW!

    The commentator, Dave, seem almost gleefully expectant of some kind of disaster. I almost get the feeling he’ll be disappointed if nothing spectacular happens.

    Oh, and closing down the vital 495 to “stop the truckers” is nonsense. About as sensible as cutting off your arm to avoid a shot because you are afraid of needles. Nobody is showing any photos of the NG doing this. It’s breathless rumor and disinfo!

    There were plenty of trucks on 495 day & night before this, and there will be afterwards as well.

  • chilller

    You sealed your driveling fate when you sourced CNN…Crony News Network…

    • sleat

      Dave: “No mainstream media coverage whatsoever”….

      This clearly means there is plenty of “driveling” media coverage, CNN is only one example…

  • No Jew

    Truth hurts! I predict,that the next bombing attack will kill alot more civilians than Sept 11/01 attacks. The Chosen religious freaks (thugs) plan terrorist attacks years ahead. Most people by now know that Sept 11/0! was a USrael operation and blamed it on oil rich nations. Here is my prediction–the next big US planned terror attack will take place in a NATO country. This way, all the NATO countries will attack the blamed country–IRAN. Most likely killings will occur in Canada–Montreal Toronto or best bets Vancouver . Why Vancouver? Most population is Chinese.Good way to get the Chinese on board. Notice the fig leave is about to be given to Iran by jUSA? Then bombs away,like Libya and Syria. Go back to history–Hitler’s Germany. an alley of USA until 1940 and then bombs away because Germany didn’t send enough Polocks to Palestine.As if 175,000 wan’t enough :^(

  • Vox

    The one problem the zionists have is that their supporters in the US are the weaklings, the sick, the old, the neo-conservative with the diseased brain. These will not fight and a draft will not work this time, no one will show up. WWIII will not go like WWII. Christians won’t stand in lines to be sacrificed to the jOoIsH gods Gog and Magog. If anything the stolen lands of Palestine which are infected with Khazars will be smashed and the Khazars burned to ashes in a nuclear holyhoax unlike the first fake one, this one will be real. The remainder of the Khazars in the US and Europe will find themselves dangling from nooses tied to the most convenient lamp posts, their rotting flesh picked at by birds, the children throwing stones at the corpses for laughs, until the rotted skeleton falls to the gutter and the evil spoken no more. I think this time the world will be cleansed of the stench of the cult of jOoDeEiZm.