Time to Tell these Crooks they’re Fired-Karen Hudes – Karen Hudes: We’re Running Out of Time! We’re Dealing with Whether We Can Continue as Humanity

http://usawatchdog.com/time-to-tell-t… – World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes says this is not a fight about money, but survival of the planet. “We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket,” says Hudes. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with World Bank Whistle Blower Karen Hudes.


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  • Augur Mayson

    Every single time I see a propaganda piece, like this one, blaming the Illuminati, the Masons, or the Jesuits, the piece marks itself as Zionist propaganda.

    Tell me, have we not had a non-Jesuit head of the Fed since 1987? Or is it that we have not had a non-Jewish one?
    AIPAC’s the biggest lobby in D.C.
    Does AIPAC lobby for Jesuits ? Or Jews?
    Do Jesuits essentially own the Western media companies? Or Jews?
    Do we say America has an “extra special relationship” with the Jesuits? No. We say that about Israel though.

    And tell me, what business does Rome have conning the West into invading Syria or into building Greater Israel?
    Answer : none.

    I rest my case.

    • Mr. Jonz

      Everyone with a shred of common sense knows the jews are behind all this.

    • alsordi

      This Karen Hudes is phoney. She obviously there to divert the blame on the Jesuits. Jesuits ???? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TG

    You can put whatever political or religious spin you want on this revelation. It does not change the fact that we have been deceived in a most grievous and evil way for so long. It is irrelevant who is responsible but it is becoming easier to see who they and their minions are. Their actions have spoken clearer than any words possibly could and they cannot hide from these actions. Millions have suffered and died and millions still do today under these evil, greedy and criminal banking elites and friends. Many have been aware for decades, Growing numbers of military and police are organized and waiting for the time that the tide will turn to tear down the evil.structure that held us. The time is now and there is no way to stop it. They will pay for their crimes against all of humanity, probably for an eternity and it looks like that will begin very soon. These few pathetic evil slave keepers that have had us under their control will soon face billions of slaves, most who accepted the hard work, debts and suffering in their lives as their lot in life and had no idea they were in fact slaves. Some will not believe or accept they were . Those people either profited from the slave system, were fortunate to be comfortable in the system, or continue to remain asleep. They will be in a shrinking minority.