“To Monitor School Health Policies”… All 32 Boston Public High Schools Hands Out Free Condoms

Boston Public Schools Will Distribute Condoms in All High Schools

The Boston Public School Committee voted 5-0 Wednesday night to adopt a “wellness policy” that includes making condoms available in high schools.

“This is already the practice in 19 BPS high schools,” the committee noted. “The new policy will expand it to all 32.”

The new policy says all students should have access to “key resources and services that are developmentally appropriate and support sexual and reproductive health in a safe and supportive environment.”


Boston School Committee approves distribution of condoms in all high schools

The Boston School Committee approved two significant policy changes Wednesday night, one of which will make condoms available in all high schools across the city and the other will beef up employee background checks.

The approval of condom distribution — a key feature in a new comprehensive health and wellness policy — marks a dramatic shift in practice for the city’s public schools system.

Previously, only a limited number of high schools that have health centers could hand out condoms. Now, students will be able to receive them at any of the approximately three dozen high schools either from a community health service partner, the Boston Public Health Commission, or from appropriate school staff.

Students, however, will receive counseling about safe sex practices before obtaining the contraceptives, and parents will have the right to exempt their children.


Boston poised to begin condom giveaway in high schools

 Students at all Boston public high schools will soon be able to obtain free condoms at school – as long as they sit through a few minutes of counseling about safe sex – under a policy approved Wednesday by the school board.

Condoms are already available in 19 high schools with on-site health centers. The policy, endorsed on a 5-0 vote by the Boston School Committee, expands distribution to all 32 high schools and their 17,000 students.