Tom Brokaw to Appear on Chinese Communist Television

Former network television host Tom Brokaw will be appearing on the Chinese Communist channel later tonight, according to a press release from China Central Television. The Communist channel bears the ironic acronym CCTV, which in other contexts usually stands for “closed-circuit television.”

“CCTV America’s talk and debate public affairs show The Heat announces Mike Walter will talk with iconic journalist, television news anchor and author Tom Brokaw,” the press release reads. “Mr. Brokaw shares his insights on the major changes in China over the past four decades, the challenges that lie ahead for the country and how the United States should deal with China’s role as an emerging global power.”

Brokaw, a once trusted newsman, will without a doubt lend legitimacy to the Chinese television network’s budding presence in America. Brokaw is currently a special correspondent to NBC News, having previously anchored NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, and Meet the Press.

CCTV opened its Washington, D.C. based studio only last month, according to its website. “The move represents the latest move by China Central Television to project China and more closely connect Asia and America,” its website states. “The U-S production center is reaching out to American viewers and a global audience seeking diversity and alternative news coverage.”

The new channel also represents the Chinese government’s investment in buying good coverage of its Communist regime here in America.