Too Hot for the MSM: Civil War Breaking Out Among Dramacrats

The Clinton Machine is not about to stand aside and let Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or some other leftist grab control of the Democratic Party. As Rick Moran pointed out Thursday, “Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, purged several longtime officials, most of whom had supported DNC vice chairman Rep. Keith Ellison in his bid for the chairmanship.”

Needless to say, the mainstream media, with their commitment to seeing Democrats in power, are not about to let a civil war among Democrats, no matter how bitter it appears, overshadow the continuing tale of Republican disunity they have been pursuing for decades. So in order to see what the actual troops of the Dems think, we have to go to The Young Turks, a daily two-hour cable/internet show carried by Hulu, its own TYT network on Roku, and on a YouTube internet channel.

Yesterday, host Cenk Uygur (who is of Turkish descent – get it?) unloaded on the DNC, comparing its purge to the Red Wedding massacre on Game of Thrones and sneering at NBC for not covering the imbroglio.

Honestly, he is not terribly coherent, but when did logical thought ever matter more than raw emotion on the left?

Savor this for the discord it reveals, not for its intellectual value:

h/t Mike