‘Too tall, too fat, and too dark’: One woman’s ‘soul crushing’ discovery that she ‘wasn’t beautiful enough’ to live in South Korea

South Korea, which last year overtook Brazil as the plastic surgery capital of the world, is now home to the highest number of cosmetic procedures performed per capita.

And for one young writer, the country’s extreme emphasis on appearance and immersion in western celebrity culture was so overwhelming that she decided to quit her teaching job and move back to America.

In an essay for Buzzfeed, Ashley Perez, who identifies as Cuban, Filipino and Korean-American, reveals how during a year teaching English to fourth-graders in Daegu, she was ridiculed for her ‘very big’ U.S. size 8 body, ‘too dark’ skin tone, and ‘plain face’ features.

Miss Perez, who is in her twenties, explained that though she has the round face and high cheekbones of her fellow Koreans, the culture is one in which people strive to look the same, and the differences in her appearance singled her out as a girl who ‘didn’t quite stack up.’

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