Top Headlines For 06/20/2011

  • Just headlines:


Europe May Withhold Half of Greek Payment to Pressure Athens

EURO GOVT-Greek, Italian CDS rise as periphery hit

New bailout may buy only months for Greece

Euro Weakens as Greece Election Proposals May Worsen Debt Crisis

Greece faces power outages due to austerity strike

Citi says Greek debt may be contagious

Germany ‘dismisses Greek debt compromise plan’

Moody’s Cuts Tepco to Junk

Greek Default Spells ‘Havoc’ for Banks a Year After Bailout

Companies face extra billion pounds a year pension costs (UK)

U.K. Facing Larger Deficit Due to Weak Economy, Balls Says

Tens of Thousands March Against Euro Pact in Spain

Egypt’s T-Bill Fund Raiser Falls Short; 3-Month Yield Jumps

Spanish public debt hits 13-year high

After surgery, Chavez faces troubles in Venezuela

Utah may reduce jobless tax on employers

In Salem, 248 teachers laid off swiftly

Many Cities Face a Long Wait for Jobs to Return

San Francisco Superior Court preparing for ‘unprecedented’ layoffs and court closures

Number of unemployed teens reaches record high; future bleak

Doctors, Hospitals, Poor To Feel Illinois Budget Pain (A must read)

States look to Internet taxes to close budget gaps

Other South Florida cities may face some of the same tough choices

Minnesota shutdown threatens weddings, much more

Stray Cats Roam Tampa as U.S. Services Lapse

Short debt limit hike possible: McConnell

Debt Crisis May Overwhelm Euro Zone Says IMF


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