Top-Pope-Candidate Peter Turkson has NWO Written All Over Him. Goldman Sachs running EU Breakup Models paving way for Central Vatican Bank

There is a world where it is possible to ‘wipe the tears from the eyes of those who suffer injustice‘.

So says the man tipped by many to become the 294th successor to St. Peter as Pope and spiritual leader of the world’s one billion Roman Catholics.

Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who currently serves as president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, is a renowned champion of the poor and marginalised.

In October 2011, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace he heads set out a radical critique of global financial arrangements, which skew wealth and power away from developing countries.

‘ Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority’argues that to work in the interests of all, the economy needs an ethical framework ‘and not just of any kind but one that is people-centred‘.

The effect of globalisation makes ‘individuals and peoples increasingly interconnected and interdependent’, but monetary and financial markets ‘of a predominantly speculative sort’ remain ‘harmful for the real economy, especially of the weaker countries.’

While globalisation can lead to ‘a more intense and fruitful collaboration’ between peoples, it needs institutions to underpin it and the post-war Bretton Woods settlement of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund no longer have the necessary stabilization powers ‘within [their]reach’.

The report calls for a new supra-national body to help regulate global finance, which should be ‘the outcome of a free and shared agreement and a reflection of the permanent and historic needs of the world common good’.

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation may lead to first black pope, Cardinal Peter Turkson

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Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (born 11 October 1948) is a Ghanaian Cardinal of the Catholic Church. He is the current president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace since his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI on 24 October 2009.

Vatican Council Calls for World Government, Central Bank

“global political authority” and a “central world bank”: These are the solutions that the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace recommends for the worldwide financial crisis.

“Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority,” the document outlining the council’s recommendations


Emergency Bilderberg Meeting was held in Rome in November.

According to various media outlets in Italy, it has been reported that they have called the emergency meeting in Rome to discuss the economic situations in Greece, Spain and Italy. Could one of these three debt laden countries be about to collapse?


Pope has pacemaker, ‘battery secretly replaced few months ago’…

RAW VIDEO: Pope makes first public appearance since announcing resignation, gets standing ovation



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  • voltaire

    Boy, The Tribe must be very worried about this guy being appointed the new pope. I have never seen the amount of carefully coordinated negative publicity appear so quickly about a person since Mel Gibson offended The Chosen and then disappeared into non person-hood..

  • Bonnie

    Turkson was appointed by the popiola? Well, the rotting coconut doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Just because the creature is black, doesn’t mean he’s not the same. He didn’t get to the position he’s in now, because he ‘s another Jesus, but because he’s the same rotten, corrupt, …with the same lack of morals as the roman catholic church, the religon started by Saul / paul.

  • CHarles Feney

    Saint Malachy’s Malediction

    The resignation of Pope Benedict
    Reminds us of Malachy’s maledict
    His prophecy unfurled
    The end of the world
    And tribulations it would inflict.

    Saint Malachy in year 1139
    Laid out his prediction divine
    His list of the Popes
    Dashes our hopes…
    We’re now at the end of the line!

    Here is the gist of this tome:
    It’s time for man’s final shalom
    “Cause Petrus Romanus
    Will soon be upon us
    To reign over destruction of Rome.
    Charles Ulysses Feney

  • Ralph Emmerson

    Kind of scary. Considering prophesy says this is the Pope that will pave the way for the Anti Christ and that Nosradamaus’s 3rd Anti Christ will come from the world of finance. Better pick a side It’s Armageddon…and then the judgement day…

    • Egoigwe

      Nope, prophecy didn’t say Pope, more like Caretaker of the Church; an informal leader. Actually, that prophecy speaks about an ecclesiastical coup; the usurpation of the papal order by one who walks through the dead bodies of the Curria and unto his own miserable death.

  • Egoigwe

    In all of this, where is Pietro Bertone??? Pietro Bertone du Romano, Peter the Roman or if you wish Petrus Romanus. 2nd in command, conniving, ruthless and dark. Drop the hogwash about Turkson, it’s in your face!!!