Tornado threat for TOMORROW: A lot of messy winter weather going on across the central part of US!!!

Winter Storm Q is now heading into the Plains and Midwest after first impacting the West Coast and Four Corners states Tuesday into Wednesday.

In addition to laying down a fresh coat of snow in the Rockies, the storm also brought snow as far south as Tucson, Ariz. on Wednesday. Ahead of the main storm system, an initial bout of snow moved into portions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.


Tornado threat area for TOMORROW, highest in yellow:

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A lot of messy winter weather going on across the central part of he country. Latest warning map:

4 hSevereStudios‏@severestudios

WICHITA, KS: Winter Storm Warning. 10-15 inches of snow expected


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Storms Become Tornadic
As Thursday progresses, the thunderstorms will enter an area of very unstable, warm and moist air across far eastern Texas and Louisiana. Powerful westerly winds behind the thunderstorms will be met with strong southerly winds ahead of them, resulting in a twisting motion of the lower atmosphere.

The second round of thunderstorms will take on rotating supercell characteristics in the late morning into the early evening hours from near Lufkin, Texas eastward to near Hattiesburg, Miss and New Orleans. This is the window of opportunity for the worst of the thunderstorm outbreak to take place.

If you have travel plans across the area, blinding downpours and locally flooding rains will cause plenty of delays on I-10, I-20, I-55 and I-35, to name a few.

Severe Weather Threat Tonight into Thursday: Analysis and Timeline

Tonight, thunderstorms will form on top of the cap, hence the term elevated thunderstorms. Since these storms will be in an unstable air-mass, they could become strong to severe with large hail and gusty winds. The tornado threat will be minimal with these elevated storms since they are rooted above the stable air in the lower atmosphere.

This is the type of setup we expect across much of Texas tonight. The one exception could be part of South-Central Texas. More on that in a bit. Lets talk about the time-frame for our storms tonight.

Lots more on the TX at the link below..




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