TORNADOES RIP OK: Two Schools Completely Destroyed And More Than 2 Dozen Elementary School Children Reportedly Killed

Photos, Social Media Capture Terror of Okla. Tornadoes

Violent Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Severe thunderstorms developed in the Nation’s Heartland on Monday, producing violent tornadoes that ripped through the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.

State Medical Examiner: 37 People Dead, Death Toll Expected To Rise

MOORE, Okla. (CBS Houston/AP) — A monstrous tornado at least a half-mile wide roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire neighborhoods with winds up to 200 mph, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow on an elementary school. At least 37 people were reported killed.

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of 2-Mile Wide Oklahoma Tornado

Courtesy of NBC, here is 10-x sped up footage of the massive 2-mile wide tornado ripping through Oklahoma one short hour ago.


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Two schools completely destroyed.

A huge tornado hit areas near Oklahoma City this afternoon, marking the second time a tornado has hit the state in recent days.


Local news affiliate KFOR reports that the twister appeared have touched down in Newcastle, just south of Oklahoma City, before heading through the suburb of Moore.

The state medical examiner’s office has told the Associated Press that 37 people have been killed by the tornado, but that number is likely to rise. 24 children at one elementary school hit by the storm are believed to have died. KFOR estimates that the damage affected around 30 square miles.

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For local coverage of Monday’s devastating storms in Oklahoma, go to these CNN affiliates: KFORKOCOKOKHKOKI.


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