Town To Issue Licenses and Bounties To Shoot Down Drones: “They Fly In Town, They Get Shot Down”


The President, Congress and the Department of Homeland Security may think it’s legal to spy on the Land of the Free by deploying thousands of drones over the skies of America, but the residents of Deer Trail, Colorado have a different idea.

Not only are they set to vote on hunting licenses authorizing the shoot down of unmanned aerial vehicles hovering over their town, but they’ll be issued a $100 bounty if they can prove they did it.


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  • Arizona

    WHAT they need is a good anti-aircraft gun,LIKE A WW2 POM,POM,GUN,they would chase the plane across the sky and bring it down,BUT, they do need to go a little farther,when they bring one down,FIND OUT WHERE IT CAME FROM,and then have the SHERIFF go there and ARREST the pilots who were flying it,and charge them with TERRORISM,and then stand them up against a wall and SHOOT THEM…..everyone involved,including the base commander for sure…………………….

  • Michigan

    Did LL Cool J have a drone hunting license when they blew up his cabin? Agreed Arizona we need to take it a few dozen steps further.

  • James