Transgender child wins right to use “Girls” bathroom

Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old transgender girl who was banned from her first-grade bathroom, has won a statewide legal case in Colorado that might have far-reaching implications for the rest of the nation in protecting the rights of transgender children.

Coy, born a triplet, had been home schooled since last December, when school officials told her parents that she could no longer use the female facilities and ordered her to use the boys’ or nurse’s bathroom.

Her parents, Jeremy and Kathryn Mathis, with the help of the Transgender Legal and Defense Education Fund (TLDEF), filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division on behalf of Coy, alleging that the school has violated her rights.

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“This is amazing because it is not just a win for Coy, but a win for every transgender child in the entire state,” her mother, Kathryn Mathis, told today. “It’s amazing for all of them and their future. It lets them be who they are. They don’t have to spend their childhood being discriminated against.”


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