Trey Gowdy About to Unleash Hell After Fusion GPS Was Caught Hiding 112 Bank Transactions and Records

There is no doubt that Fusion GPS has been servicing the Democratic Party. Fusion has been carefully constructing a web of money related transactions. If they were telling the truth and everything is exactly as they claimed, why would they be hiding so many transactions (or any at all) from the House subpoena? Their story makes no sense.

Fusion’s Democratic customers would obviously be leaning towards something different. A government judge has just uncovered records which show us a little more about what took place at the firm.

A federal court unsealed bank records from Fusion GPS on Tuesday. This showed the Russia-related payments made by Fusion GPS in an entirely new light. The judge, a Bush-appointee, Richard Leon, unsealed the records. These records showed 112 transactions which all involved Fusion GPS.

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