Trey Gowdy Opens New Investigation Into DOJ’s Handling of Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJ’s And FBI’s Exoneration of Hillary Clinton

Trey Gowdy Opens Up New Investigation Into FBI And DOJ’s Handling Of Hillary Clinton Email Case

Trey Gowdy New Investigation Into Hillary Clinton FBI And DOJ For Exonerating Her Over Unauthorized transmission of Classified Emails!

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house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy is looking into why fbi alerted the public to investigating hillary but not president donald trump associates and also why they decided to let the fbi be the sole decider of her charges

fox news and other media outlets like cnn and papers announced this but it did not get to much coverage wanted to bring you into the loop if you did not hear about it


trey gowdy reacts to new information so he is reopening the conduct of the doj in 2016 decision to not charge hillary, whats your reaction?

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original air date: 11/11/ 2017

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