Trouble Brewing Everywhere: September Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Month, There Are So Many Potential Risks Out There, The First Week Back From Vacation Is Going To Be A Big One

Off the Cuff: Trouble Brewing Everywhere

Signs of weakness are appearing on a number of fronts
September Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Month

This comes on top of a whole bunch of other developments coming out of Washington:

  • The government is due for shutdown unless Congress can pass a new Continuing Resolution (a budget).
  • The Federal Reserve is expected to “taper” the pace of bond purchases (slow down quantitative easing).
  • There’s the August jobs report.
  • The debt ceiling debate (we’ll hit the debt ceiling in mid-October).
  • Sometime in the next few weeks Obama will name the next Fed chief.

Oh, and September is historically the worst month for the stock market.

So yes, HUGE month coming up.
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There are so many potential risks out there

There are so many potential risks out there:


Debt ceiling…

Fed tapering…

Fed nomination…

Add them up together, and investor John Hussman says it’s chilling how vulnerable investors are right now.

He just tweeted:

Despite short-term possibilities and uncertainties, it’s chilling how vulnerable investors have left themselves.

— John P. Hussman (@hussmanjp) August 31, 2013

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We Are Now Going To See Chaos & Panic In Global Markets
The First Week Back From Vacation Is Going To Be A Big One
The key report this week is the Augustemployment report on Friday.

Other key reports include the ISM manufacturing report on Tuesday, the trade deficit on Wednesday, and August auto sales also on Wednesday.

BEWARE THE IDES OF SEPTEMBER: 5 Potential Flashpoints That Could Make This Month Especially Chaotic

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Get ready for a ‘massive interest rate shock’ soon

Wall Street and Washington love to spread fables that facilitate feelings of bliss among the investing public.

For example, recall in 2005 when they inculcated to consumers the notion that home prices have never, and will never, fall on a national basis.

We all know how that story turned out.|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100990929|Get%20ready%20for%20a%20%27massive



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