Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation

by Baxter Dmitry

Donald Trump believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated and has promised to find out what really happened when he takes office in January.

Donald Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office are raising eyebrows around the world, but of all the items on his agenda it is the reopening of the 9/11 investigation that will provide the greatest earthquake for the establishment.

Trump believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated and he plans to get to the bottom of it. “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened,” Trump said.

The election of Donald Trump has rocked the establishment and things are only going to get rockier for them during his first term. There is a reason George W. Bush didn’t vote for Trump in the election, leaving the presidential line blank and voting Republican down-ballot. Trump has pledged to investigate 9/11 in a way it has not been investigated before.

For the first time 9/11 will be investigated by someone who isn’t part of the establishment, with skin in the game and plenty to lose.

“First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened” Trump announced to supporters. “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585 page document,” he explained, talking about World Trade Center 7 which also collapsed – inexplicably – during the September 11 attacks.

Donald Trump has also taken cracks at former president George W. Bush. There will be no covering up for former presidents on Trump’s watch.

“The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” he said in a February debate. “He kept us safe? That is not safe. That is not safe.”

“Why did the administration at the time not take legal means against Saudi Arabia? Weren’t 19 of the high-jackers from Saudi Arabia? Americans deserve answers and I will definitely request a new investigation so that this horrible tragedy never happens again.”

Donald Trump and the 9/11 Truth movement

While Trump might be railing against the establishment in reopening the 9/11 investigation, he has received support on this issue from a number of public personalities who have demanded the case be revisited – and not behind closed doors.

Former Senator Bob Graham has been demanding a new, transparent investigation “For years I have been campaigning for the release of the 2002 Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee 9/11 Inquiry’s report, to no avail” explains the former Governor of Florida. “These missing pages point to the direct involvement of the government of Saudi Arabia. Why are these being kept secret? Who has to gain from these games of secrecy?” he asks.

“I have read these documents myself and if the American public knew what was in these documents, there would be a revolution tomorrow in the streets of America” he acknowledged during a radio interview. “Americans deserve to know the truth” he concluded, visibly angered by the whole affair.

Since 2002, the release of a number of 9/11 Commission Report documents is hindered because they are congressional records, hence they are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The long withheld 28 pages were partially released to the public this year – heavily redacted – and the Saudi government claimed the release proved they were not responsible for supporting or financing the attacks. But it’s not as simple as that. There are direct ties to the Saudi hierarchy in the 28 pages. There are a lot of questions that need answering, and they were never going to be addressed under a Clinton presidency with all her ties to Saudi Arabia.

But with President Trump’s executive powers, everything has changed. The establishment are on edge. More than half the country doesn’t believe the official version of what happened that day. There is now a renewed belief that this biggest of lies and cover ups is about to be dismantled.

The establishment did all it could to destroy Trump the outsider’s election chances at election. Now they are on edge.


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  • mannymoe

    He should begin his investigation with Giuliani…see Corbett Report, 911 suspects.

    • ElGgggs

      Yep Giuliani was in on it. Trump will not go there.

    • gmatch

      That is right Giuliani is part of the Jewish mafia.

      • David Rowley

        All three of you guys are crazy. Giuliania is not a crimianal. He cleaned out the rats nest of criminals in New York. Go troll somewhere else.

        • Bob McGillicuddy

          Giuliani is definitely smack in the middle of the 9/11 crime. Read Webster Tarpley and David Ray Griffin. Also, check out “Another 19”. It is painfully clear that Giuliani played a major part in obfuscating investigation of the crime scene. He was instrumental in getting the evidence debris removed immediately (and illegally). He prohibited photography of the crime scene. He prevented firefighters from doing their jobs. He is a liar and a criminal. The fact that he sought to capitalize on the 9/11 tragedy is despicable. If Trump lets him anywhere near his cabinet, it’s clear the president-elect is not serious about reopening the case.

          • Joe Blow

            I agree with you about Giuliani and would offer this, Trump didn’t become a billionaire out of luck. I am more then willing to give him space and no blogger pundit guesswork to get the job done.

          • Formulakid

            Trumps family got rich building middle class housing.

          • dale ruff

            “Trump started his career back in 1973 being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African-Americans.” He settled and paid a fine (the evidence was overwhelming) and on the promise of training his staff in Civil Rights laws, was allowed to avoid admitting guilt, a nice trick if your rich. His dad was arrested at a KKK rallly..and also found be rejecting black there’s a family history of racism. His support from the KKK,etc, his lies about now knowing who David Duke was, and his appoint of a man who admits that the alt-right attracts racists and homophobes as chief strategist paint an ugly picture of a rich racist who got the support of the racist right wing by pandering to their bigotry.

            Trump’s dad? “During his business career, Trump was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee (1954) for profiteering from public contracts, was investigated by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division (1973) for civil rights violations ”

            Here’s a nice tidbit: “On Memorial Day in 1927, a riot erupted between supporters of Benito Mussolini’s Italian Fascism and the Ku Klux Klan; the Klan’s stated purpose to march was that “Native-born Protestant Americans” were being “assaulted by Roman Catholic police of New York City.”[7] In NYC’s Queens borough, Fred Trump was one of seven men who were arrested on the day “on a charge of refusing to disperse from a parade when ordered to do so.”[7] One article on the riot, written in the Long Island Daily Press, stated that all seven arrestees were wearing Klan attire, leading some to speculate that Fred may have been a member of the KKK..”

            Great guy: like father like son, as now a leader of the alt-right, which admits it includes racists and other bigots, is in the White House, snorting coke with the Donald. Sniff..sniff. FLOL!

          • deplorable.charlie.foxtrot

            Would that be the KKK of the democrat party? Get over it, you lost. Game over. The Alt right is a just a counter to the lying left.

          • Joe Blow

            And that is bad or good in your opinion?

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Joe, I’ve been a Trump supporter with reservations from the start, and as an Aussie and a Muslim I support him even now. This is based on giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. He has said enough of the right stuff and even with the worse stuff I am still fairly OK with him and don’t expect to get all my wishes in a US president, nor should anyone else. His job will be incredibly complex and has been so until now I have no doubt in just achieving what he has. Many interests have to be balanced and what I like is that he is open minded, floats ideas and drops them in the same day when they don’t rise and feels out the market constantly as he goes whilst the direction is consistent and understandably unpopular with the usual suspects. Works for me. So far.

            Some things which cannot be said despite the left asserting they are self evident are that Trump is racist or bigoted in any way. The guy is an arsehole but above such mundane triivialities. He will use any race, creed or gender to achieve results and I doubt he will favour any either. He is not a pervert. Just a rich man with access to lots of beautiful often willing women and a typical libido for a successful and healthy alpha male. Liking younger women isn’t a crime, my own wife is half my own age and nothing suggests he is interested in chidlren despite a few attempts to say so by the Clinton camp. One easily can see the man’s tastes and they don’t even run to the petite! He is also far from bumbling or erratic, he is however very focused and has more tricks up his sleeve for convincing people of things than any psycho entrepreneur I ever saw and I’ve seen a few up close and personal. That’s actually what I like about him. he might genuinely be so ego driven that he is uncontrollable.

          • dale ruff

            dale ruff Formulakid • 2 hours ago
            “Trump started his career back in 1973 being sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to African-Americans.” He settled and paid a fine (the evidence was overwhelming) and on the promise of training his staff in Civil Rights laws, was allowed to avoid admitting guilt, a nice trick if your rich. His dad was arrested at a KKK rallly..and also found be rejecting black there’s a family history of racism. His support from the KKK,etc, his lies about now knowing who David Duke was, and his appoint of a man who admits that the alt-right attracts racists and homophobes as chief strategist paint an ugly picture of a rich racist who got the support of the racist right wing by pandering to their bigotry.

            Trump’s dad? “During his business career, Trump was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee (1954) for profiteering from public contracts, was investigated by the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division (1973) for civil rights violations “

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You also need to look up what the definition of Troll is you f@king worm! Then you might manage to engage in a debate with someone who cares, before you end up burning your bridges calling them a troll. F@k you goat head.

          • dale ruff

            A troll is someone who begins a post by calling someone a f@king worm. My articles at Quora have over 100,000 readers and over 500 thumbs up; I have twenty articles at opednews with tens of thousands of readers. I post here for fun, since the audience is 99% trolls, who trade in insults and put downs.
            Shame on you. You know better:if you weren’t protected with your cyber hood, you would never say this in person. Your hatred of facts has spilled over into hatred. Hatred first kills the bearer. I urge you to cleanse yourself and forgive yourself.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            You disgusting dishonest troll. I called you a worm, AFTER YOU CALLED ME A TROLL. Therefore the label was earned. I was not a troll, but an angry poster objecting to your rudeness.

            Now you have become a literal troll by the way. farewell.

          • dale ruff

            I don’t think so.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Dale you are truly an arse you know? Now why would you start lying as well?
            Let us see shall we? This is your first post to me GOATHEAD!

            “dale ruff

            Muhammad Abbass

            11 hours ago

            Sheep of a wool flock together. See my fact-based refutation before you call be a trolll.”

            Got it you f@king scab?

            Now Dale, go and take a flying leap at your troll self in the mirror. I note others have labelled you what you are as well. What a waste of oxygen!

          • Gmansaid

            Sounds like you are having a Ruff time, Dale. Try removing your head from your anal passage so you can breathe, it is a good start. Now, try a long walk on a short pier.

          • dale ruff

            Not only are you trolling but you have fallen for fake news. The story originated with World New Daily which says: “WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its
            articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters
            appearing in the articles in this website – even those based on real
            people – are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any
            persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.”

            You have been suckered.

          • We Need A Bigger Basket

            I agreed with everything you said except for “arsehole” and “ego-driven.” Ego driven people could not have outlasted all the media bias, the GOP, the this, the that by their lonesome. He has said repeatedly, “I am JUST the messenger.” He doesn’t get puffed up when praised, or down in the mouth when beaten down. I believe he genuinely cares about America and the American people. As for being *sshole – he might have said things pp don’t agree with or like, but WHO hasn’t? He’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because they are sweet and kissie-kissie like, “When they go low we go high,” but then their mask comes off. Not so with Trump. What you see is pretty much what you get. He has nothing to hide. That’s why I trust him.

          • dale ruff

            No, he chose to be born into a rich family, inherit 40 million, get millions of loans from his dad, just like everyone else.

            Few have the evil genius to make money off of failure, as with Trump’s 6 bankrupticies and his avoiding taxes these last 18 years. His fortune is based on slave labor in China, Bangladesh where garment workes make $50 a month, and Dubai where the immigant labor building villas for billionaires make half of what promised and cannot pay off travel debt and so cannot get their passports back to go home to their families. How smart, eh?

          • Joe Blow

            >>No, he chose to be born into a rich family, inherit 40 million, get millions of loans from his dad, just like everyone else.>>
            Are you jealous or something?
            >>Few have the evil genius to make money off of failure, as with Trump’s 6 bankrupticies and his avoiding taxes these last 18 years.>>
            Why must you say “evil” genius? He went by the law and has been audited since the beginning of the century. Surly that is just brilliant.
            >>His fortune is based on slave labor in China, Bangladesh where garment workes make $50 a month,>>
            He made his fortune in real estate development…buldings and golf courses.
            So are you an American? Did you vote? Are you being paid to troll? Your ugliness doesn’t make much of a real arguement…Trump is evil because of his heritage?

          • dale ruff

            Can you read? That response was to the claim that he got rich on his own. He did not. He was born rich.

            Am I jealous. No, I am outraged. If someone picks your pocket, you are not envious, you are angry. If someone lies to you and riles up hatred, you do not envy him….you fear him.

            I take it you are projecting. I have more I need: wonderful children and grandchildren, a home I built myself in the redwoods, the freedom to travel (in the past two years, I have visited Greece, Italy, Yucatan, and Costa Rica twice.

            My mind is rich and my heart is full. I have a good life. Do you?

          • Joe Blow

            Yeah, I can read. Your are an opinionated California Democrat who brags about his placement in society as if others give a crap. So Trump picked “your” pocket hey? Sounds like he only got small change.

            My life? I’m a healer who chooses to be in service to humanity.

          • dale ruff

            You can’t comprehend. I am not a Democrat. you said I was envious and I told you how blessed I am. Trump has 9 billion and has not paid taxes in 18 yrs while enjoying all the benefits that teachers, cops, ordinary people pay for.
            Leona Helmsly, a rich New Yorker and tax fraud, said it best: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes”, and in 1999, Trump in a NYTimes interview said that people who were not rich were “morons.” He was talking about you and you are too dense to realize it.

            Your hate-filled posts are hardly healing. You are probably a snakeoil salesman, like Trump.
            I have served humanity by 1. risking my ass to protest a criminal war 2. risking my ass to protest racial injustice 3. choosing not to make money but to teach the disabled.

            Those who serve humanity do not spend their time dishing out cheap insults but educating and inspiring. I am an author. You an read my stuff at opednews and Quroa. I do it for love and because,. as Orwell said in WHY I WRITE, “I have a duty to expose lies……”:

            Please go bother someone else as you clearly have no interest in constructive discussion.

          • Harald Meling

            Foreign Secretary!

          • dale ruff

            You are wasting your time: he doesn’t read books. He can’t read more than 2 sentences at a time. He is trolling, as he offers no information, just accusations.

        • Formulakid

          He cleaned up the Italian mob who work for the Jewish mob.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Interesting take. I don’t know either way, but it gives me pause. I’ve been watching Giuliani with interest since he came out for Trump and whereas his presence once gave me more doubts about Trump, now his presence increasingly is giving him back some credibility in return instead. I am concerned about the WTC cleanup. He must know what’s what and at the least has kept his silence and helped cover-up. However it’s impossible for people like us to comprehend the sort of issues and pressures at stake for a man in his position and no doubt many otherwise decent and well intentioned people will have taken part in various aspects of what happened that day.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Giluliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the WTC crime scene and some other elements of his involvement also have come to light. See the Corbett report.

        • Johnny Canuck

          …and Larry Silverstein is just a hapless Businessman who had his newly-bought Buildings destroyed by an Arab guy that worked and planned everything from a cave in Afghanistan.

          Funny how about nine of the 911 “Hijackers’ are alive and well in the Middle East. One is an actual Pilot. Their Passports were stolen. ‘Splain THAT!

          Here is “Lucky” Larry explaining how he had the designs for the New Tower in April 2000. The Lizard doesn’t even mention the 3,000 lives lost, but rather almost brags how he funded the thing, like 911 was just a renovation. Sickening!

          Better do some research, Sonny.

          • andy

            Johnny CaSchmuck’s only regret in life is that the framed portrait of Julius Streicher he “pulls” his pud to isn’t autographed.

          • Johnny Canuck

            Ah yes. The old Nazi slur. Of course you know the Acronymn “NAZI” is a sort of nickname derived from the cooperation of the National Socialists (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – NSDAP) and the Zionists on “The Jewish Question”. NA from “Nationalsozialistische” and ZI from “Zionist”.

            Hitler was considering getting rid of the Nazi Party, but the War came along and he abandoned that idea.

            The National Socialists and the Zionists had the same platform: get Jews out of Germany. Madagascar was suggested as a place to send them to, seeing as the rest of the World didn’t want them, but the Zionists demanded Palestine, which the British gave to the Zionists illegally after the War in accordance with the Balfour Agreement from WWI.

            One place the displaced “Jews” were accepted was China, surprisingly.

            You probably don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about anyhow.

          • andy

            Yes,the endless slurs from Nazis.

            I’m very familiar with neo-Nazis and their nutty stylings on German history.Too clever by half and more pretentious than a circle jerk at Alan Ginsberg’s cold water flat.

            The give away with joikoffs like you is that you bought the “pull it’ blood libel which is strictly aimed at anti-Semites ready to buy any slander directed at wealthy Jews.

            You and your controlled demolition cult are the laughing stock of even the lunatic fringe for erecting your belief system on the shakiest house of cards ever assembled.

          • DmaxD

            They’re laughing at your big nose Schlomoe.

          • andy

            Not a Jew but you sure are a Nazi!

          • DmaxD

            You probably resemble a Julius Streicher caricature.

          • andy

            You probably admire Julius and the gang,dontcha,D.

          • andy

            From a guy who “pulls it” to his Julius Streicher poster this is rich stuff!

        • dale ruff

          Giuliani auditioined for Secy of State by asserting the way to deal with Russia was to threaten them militarily. Guiliani, like Trump, likes to take credit for things.

          ” Violent crime in New York began falling three years before Giuliani took office in 1994, U.S. Justice Department records show. Property crime began falling four years before. The decline accelerated during his administration, but the “turnaround” he claims credit for started before him.

          • New York was no anomaly, but was part of a trend that saw crime fall sharply nationwide in the 1990s, particularly in big cities. The city with the best record for reducing violent crime during this period? San Francisco.

          • Independent studies generally have failed to link the tactics of the Giuliani administration with the large decrease in crime rates.

          Rather, many criminologists believe the decline in New York, as in Chicago, San Diego, Miami and elsewhere, was the result of a complex mix of social and demographic changes, including a break in the crack cocaine epidemic, an improving economy, and increased prison terms for proven lawbreakers.”

 highlights some of his mendancity:
          “Back in 1999 and 2000, when Rudy was cheating on his second wife, he used public money and policemen to carry on his affair. How? Let me count the ways —
          — City-financed trips to Southampton, the expensive celebrity resort where his girlfriend had a condo
          — Undercover police drove his girlfriend (Judith Nathan) around New York, when Guiliani was nowhere near.
          “She used the PD [police department] as her personal taxi service,” according to one former Giuliani staffer.
          — Those police drove Judith 130 miles to Pennsylvania to visit her parents.
          — Those police drove Judith’s FRIENDS around the city, even when SHE wasn’t there.
          — Guiliani even made 2 police detectives walk Nathan’s DOG. Yes, New York’s finest, scooping up poop from the mayor’s mistress’ dog.
          The most notorious (ally) is Bernard Kerik, Giuliani’s former chauffer, who pled guilty to two misdemeanors for receiving $165,000 in renovations from a company accused of mob ties. (He lobbied city officials to approve them anyway.] Recently, Kerik was indicted on 16 counts for tax evasion, fraud, lying to federal investigators, and tampering with witnesses. Giuliani appointed him as police commissioner (for only 16 months), hired him for $500,000 at his security company, convinced President Bush to nominate Kerik as Director of Homeland Security (before Kerik withdrew his nomination in disgrace), and continues to defend him. To this day, Giuliani will not rule out pardoning Kerik if Rudy is elected president.” See more documentation of his crimes at

          I will not go into his mob connections, including his father, a convicted mob felon.
          As for honor: ” He brought his mistress into the Mayor’s mansion while his wife and children was still living there, forcing her to go to court to stop him, and had his lawyer savagely attack Hanover. Later, when he finally was man enough to seek a divorce, he announced it on live TV — without telling his wife or kids first.”

      • Formulakid

        He definitely works for them. Trump knows this and Trump is married into Jewish mafia (Kushner) Maybe there are 2 different sects in the Jewish mob and maybe Kushner is against the 911 mafia.

        • Brad Dueringer

          The Mossad was heavily involved in 911, they planted the mini nukes (pit nukes from atomic artillery shells ) in the buildings.

          That’s why tptb released the red herring of the “28 pages” and Saudi involvement, to deflect attention away from the major players….Israel and the Mossad

          • Eileen Kuch

            Brilliant, Brad! You just nailed it perfectly. The Engineers for 9/11 Truth came out in a joint statement that it wasn’t two planes that brought the Twin Towers down; it was planted mini-nukes that did the job, and they were planted in the basements hours before they were to open for business.

      • Brad Dueringer

        Zionist all the way

      • dale ruff

        We need more racism: thank you.

    • Johnny Canuck

      Already treacherous critters in the King’s Court. I think Donald is a little naive. He should watch his back if cracks open this dirty little egg.

      • Formulakid

        He’s not naive. He doesn’t think Hillary is a nice person either. He’s Fu@king perfect for president. He’s playing everyone.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Now there we definitely agree.

          • dale ruff

            Sheep of a wool flock together. See my fact-based refutation before you call be a trolll.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Given how far apart this poster and I are in fact, your proverb went up like the proverbial lead balloon I’m afraid. I then saw a begging assertion of your own “fact based refutation” and lost interest in anything after that. Learn about marketing strageties and learn about populism and how that game is played you weeny. or else stick to stuff you can cope with.

          • dale ruff

            Shame on you! infantile and obscene name-calling reflects only on your lack of character and intellect.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Infantile? You began your effort calling me a troll. Go and fuck yourself you moron. I lost interest in talking to anybody who is so stupid, arrogant and ignorant as you demonstrated right away. Fuck yourself and don’t waste time trying to play moral games, you have no status.

          • dale ruff

            Yes, calling someone a fucking worm or a goat head is infantile,showing a total lack of maturity, don’t you agree? How unhappy you are to have to vent such ugly hatred. My sympathy…….

        • dale ruff

          Most of all people like you whom he calls (NYTimes interview 1999) “morons” who would vote for him even if he murdered someone in broad daylight, ha.

          I promised to deport all the 35 million undoc immigants,a dnow says he will deport only 3 million, and of course, there are only 173,000 in prison and jails……so he is lying by degrees to “morons” like you. In foreign affairs he is uneducated (he did not know what the nuclear triad is) and so will be controlled by CIA Woolsey, NSA Hadley, and UN Bolton, all neo cons who worked for or helped Bush fuck up. They are back, and he is unable to counter their arguments. Prepare for sabotage of Iran deal, then an attempt to provoke a war so we they can bomb them. Bolton, possibly Secy of State, wrote Last year in NYTimes that we shoulld Bomb Iran. I am never wrong! I am citing Trump’s own words and his choice of neo con war mongers to “advise” him.

          Who better than a corrupt oligarch to clean the swamp by bringing back the Bush war team and putting Wall St, like Bush did, in charge of the Treasury.

          If you want to fight a fire, hire an arsonist.

    • d-dectiri is the first in the series……. including Guiliani

      • Brad Dueringer

        Guliani is a cross dressing gangster psychopath. He helped cover up 911 and promote the false story. I agree…..if Trump puts him anywhere in his cabinet, that will tell you all you need to know.

  • arnieus

    Mr. President. Why don’t you ask Vladimir if he has any satellite photos to shed some light on 911.

    • SupremeLaw

      During our pro bono assistance to U.S. Coast Guard Investigations between 2002 and 2009, we received several reports of a Russian surveillance satellite that reportedly photographed the launch of the A-3 Skywarrior from the flight deck of the USS George Washington, which was anchored off the coast of Long Island on the morning of 9/11. All evidence available to our investigation calls for the conclusion that one of the Pentagon murder weapons was a heavily modified A-3 Skywarrior, previously purchased by Ratheon as one among a fleet of such jets.

      • Eudoxia

        Guess who are major shareholders in Ratheon – HRC and hubby.

        • Eileen Kuch

          Aha! Nailed that one! Add 9/11 to their already list of crimes.

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    wow !

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders
    • Johnny Canuck

      Also notice how the Penthouse collapses first. This part of the video was cut out until recently. The so-called “Investigation” didn’t even go into what happened to Tower 7. It was totally ignored by the MSM, of course, making them accessories to the Crime.

      Most People don’t know Three Buildings went down that day. For those that claim it fell because of structural damage from the other two Towers, they can maybe explain how Building 6, a much smaller building and closer to the Twins, although totally wrecked, did not fall down into it’s own footprint at freefall speed, but Building 7, 47 stories worth, went down like a deck of cards.

      • Eudoxia

        It was also scripted as proven by BBC. Jane Stanley BBC reporter was on camera reporting on building 7 collapsing, 23 minutes before it did. It showed at the exact same time Stanley was reporting on it still standing in the background. Once BBC became aware if transmission was stopped.

        To add further insult to injury to the psychopaths plans, a guy recently won a case for not paying his TV licensing fees in the UK on the grounds that he wont pay for propaganda and used the Jane Stanley BBC tower 7 reporting to support his case.

        • Johnny Canuck

          Bit-by-bit we are chipping away at the huge fabrication that is 911. The so-called MSM is nuts-deep in covering up the Truth behind 911.

          This is the main reason I no longer trust the Media, nor support them in any way. I threw out the Talmud-Vision Box and went online and tried to figure this crap out.

          Just the fact that they basically ignored the Elephant in the room, Building 7, proves they were covering up something. The fact that Building 6 got pummeled by debris and didn’t collapse is the smoking gun. It should have been flattened, according to the “New Physics” created on 911 that has been propagated by these scumbags.

          They are all just people and Humans make mistakes, especially when they are lying or deceiving. That’s how we catch ’em.


  • jan brady

    for answers simply look at cheney and bush

    • aranyani

      and Wolfowitz

      • SupremeLaw

        and Rumsfeld

        • aranyani

          and Kissinger

          • arnieus

            and Rudy Giuliani, likely new attorney general.

          • Eileen Kuch

            What?? Giuliani the new AG???!! I thought that was going to be Gowdy’s or Sessions’ post. Giuliani has no qualifications for AG, but Gowdy and Sessions certainly do.

          • arnieus

            Agreed. I don’ know that for a fact but I read he is a leading contender. Maybe he is just waiting till he is actually in office.

    • musimann

      It was a neocon/mossad conspiracy. An iside outside job to drive us into war on terror where we take put Israel’s enemies. That is why Clinton wants to destroy Assad.

      • Eileen Kuch


  • Steve from Ohio

    This will be the issue that will possibly get him into real danger.
    We must pray for Mr Trump as he is going after the truth…….and there are those who have a lot to lose if they are exposed.

    • Cloak And Dagger

      Yep – could be a JFK in the making…

  • HWR

    The Jews did 911 to start the “war on terror” (war on Muslim countries needed by the Jews for Greater Israel) to begin the “Greater Israel” project which will ultimately be home base for the communist World Government NWO to rule planet earth.


    Greater Israel – The Jewish Plan for the Middle East, The Oded Yinon Plan

    NWO: Communism by the Backdoor Part 11
    Complete Documentary

    The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    Top Illuminati (Jew) Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)

    • TellTheTruth-2

      For those who want to understand “who” these neocon/ziocon war mongers really are, even if you’re atheist or agnostic like I used to be and don’t like the Bible, please consider this Biblical explanation.

      If you count the number of the beast, counting stones worn smooth over a very long time, you end up all the way back at Cain, the first murderer and son of Satan and Eve. God’s children, through Adam and Eve’s child Seth (Cain murdered Able), need to be aware Satan’s children intermingle with them and give them a bad name. It’s been that way since the inhabitants of Gibeon tricked the leaders of Israel into making a league with them. (Joshua 9 )

      When they discovered they had been tricked, instead of killing them, they put them as “hewers of wood and drawers of water for the congregation, and for the altar of the LORD” and put them right into the Temple of God. Years later, when God Himself walked the earth as Jesus Christ, they (the FAKE Jews) had completely intermingled with the REAL Jews and had completely taken over the Temple of God. Jesus Christ knew who they were and He looked at them and spoke the truth. He then exposed them: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.”

      What’s the point? Ten Tribe Israel was dispersed over the face of the earth and Jesus Christ said, “I come but for the lost sheep of Israel.” When ten of the tribes of Israel went into captivity, Samaritans were put into their land so the people of the ten lost tribes of Israel could not return from Syria. Instead they migrated West into Greece and beyond and they went North, over the Caucasus Mountains. Who were they? They were the REAL Jews, God’s lineage through Seth, and the FAKE Jews, the lineage of Satan through Cain who had mixed in with God’s children.

      To help his disciples understand, Jesus Christ explained the parable of the tares of the field to them starting at Matthew 13:36 and because it is an explanation instead of a parable, anyone, even the spiritually deaf and blind, should be able to understand the truth Jesus Christ showed His disciples.

      In conclusion, be very careful NOT to blame REAL Jews for the evil in the world; but, be very aware Satan’s children (FAKE Jews) mix in with them and, because people don’t know the truth, they blame God’s children, the TRUE Jews, for what Satan’s children do.

      In the end, we know them by their fruit. Do they bring peace and love into the world like God’s children? Or do they give us war, death, and destruction?

      Once that is understood, these words of Jesus Christ make perfect sense.

      Revelation 2:9 … I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

      Revelation 3:9 … Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

      Hopefully that helps someone; but, when I share this truth, some son of Belial is sure to attack me. :-)

      • HWR

        90% of the people who claim to be Jews today aren’t the Jews of the bible. They’re eastern European Khazars that never were in the holy land ever in the history of the world. They converted to Judaism in 800AD. They have no claim to Palestine.

        They are the fake Jews. The synagogue of Satan.

        • TellTheTruth-2

          When 10 Tribe Israel was banished from the land and sent to Assyria, many migrated North over the Caucuses Mountains. That is the area the Khazar story came from; however, Khazar’s converting does not add up. The fake Jews were already mixed in with the real Jews. When God walked the earth in the flesh as Jesus Christ the fake Jews had taken over the Temple of God and Jesus Christ was exposing them. And, like their father the Devil, they plotted His murder and talked the Roman’s into doing it for them. One thing I find interesting is the fake High Priest would have been in Holy of Holies to make yearly Oblation for the Sins of the People at the exact time Jesus Christ died and the Temple curtain was ripped in half. I would love to have see the look on his face when Jesus Christ confronted him.

        • mothman777

          I disagree, they are all real Jews, check out Dr Karl Skorecki
          Forget the fake information put out by Elhaik who wrote what he did to support the Jewish propaganda of false Jews invented by Jewish agent Arthur Koestler, who actually admitted towards the end of his life that he had deliberately created the idea of ‘false Jews’; in order to pass off the guilt for the wrong doings of Jews onto ‘false Jews’, the supposed Gentile impostors.

          Be real, do you, in your wildest nightmares, even today suppose that you would suddenly be tempted to join an alien religion that says; “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”?

          Would you as a Gentile realistically have joined that cult, and if you would have, what the hell for, to kill all Gentiles? Why did 4,000 New York Jews of all possible different expressions, cults and variations of Judaism all stay away from work when the towers in New York were bombed on 9/11, 2001? It demonstrates that ALL Jewish people of all different persuasions stick together as ONE, acting as one Mossad-controlled paramilitary intelligence force, including ‘Buddhist’ Jews, ‘Hindu’ Jews, ‘Christian’ Jews, ‘agnostic’ Jews, Orthodox Jews, ‘atheistic’ Jews etc. etc.

          They are all JEWISH through and through. Not one of those Jews ever came forward and denounced any ‘fake’ Jews before those attacks, and they have never broken ranks since, to this day, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL JEWS. Do you see any ‘genuine’ Jews coming out and denouncing and exposing ‘fake Jews’ involved in collaborating in the 9/11 WTC attacks in New York, 9/11, 2001? Of course not, they are all one and the same, but they will tell you FAKE Jews did it. Wake up.

          In reality, no court would ever say Jews in Israel are fake, and even if 95% were declared fake, the state of Israel would still be allowed to be maintained for the benefit of the 5% ‘genuine’ Jews.

          The whole idea of fake Jews was invented purposely to absolve ‘Jews’ of having been involved and being involved in any nastiness at all. The whole idea of ‘fake’ Jews is ridiculous. The silly idea that deceptive Gentiles deliberately started wearing funny clothes and funny hats, and mysteriously pretended to adopt a religion that said “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” is completely mental. No group of Gentiles would ever have adopted this religion dedicated to the enslavement and ultimate extinction of all Gentile peoples from the face of the Earth, why would they? Yet this enslavement and annihilation of all Gentiles on the entire planet is literally what Judaism intends, as it’s scriptures clearly state.

          “At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: ‘ ‘The Lord alone will appear great on that day! …’” Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

        • Marten

          Yup, they belong to the “Talmud”

        • Brad Dueringer

          Genetic tests done by a “jewish” dr. back up your statements. He found that 97.5% of the Jews in modern day Israel have no Hebrew blood. He did genetic tests on the Palestinians also and found 80% had Hebrew blood…

          I’m sure the trolls will go nuts over this post.

          • Eileen Kuch

            They already have, Brad. Mothman777 is one of them.

          • Jeremy Lynes

            shlomo sand at tel aviv university

        • Eileen Kuch

          HWR, you absolutely nailed this one. Veterans Today’s two top columnists/editors – Mike Harris and Prof. Preston James wrote a lengthy column on this very topic back in March, 2015. According to these two columnists/editors, the Khazars were a combination of Mongol-Turkic pagan savages who lived in the area around Ukraine and Southern Russia known as Khazaria and who practiced human (especially, child) sacrifice among their rituals. They were given three choices by both the Persians and the Kievan Rus. They could choose between three of the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Islam, or Christianity. They immediately chose Judaism, since they didn’t want to antagonize either Christians or Muslims.
          However, they eventually reverted back to their pagan ways .. and, by 1030 AD, 300 years after converting to Judaism, the Kievan Rus – led by St. Vladimir the Great and aided by the Persians – finally destroyed the Khazar Kingdom and drove its population westward into what became Eastern Europe. Once settled in this region, they immediately began plotting their revenge against the Kievan Rus – now Russians – and by October of 1918, they succeeded by launching the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass slaughter of 20 million people, following the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Today’s corruption goes back to George H.W. Bush, a CIA agent serving as Vice President under Reagan. Bush Sr. gave us Iran/Contra and they were flying drugs into Bill Clinton’s Mena, Arkansas. Thank God we had a “special prosecutor” named Lawrence E Walsh who gave us the Walsh Report and it should be required reading for everyone who loves the USA. Why? Because if Casper Weinberger (Colin Powell was his # 1 aid) and the other Iran/Contra criminals had gone on trial and blown the lid off of the scandal, Bush Sr would have been impeached. In short, Bush Sr. had to lose and he put his Lieutenant, Bill Clinton, into the Presidency until his son, George Jr, could get the family’s Heroin replanted in Afghanistan. Read the Walsh Report on Iran/Contra and connect the dots and then it will become clear why Bush Sr and Bill Clinton are SO CLOSE, especially when they raised (and stole) billions for Haiti. So use some INSIGHT and connect the dots and understand why I call them the Bush/Clinton Crime Families. In truth, the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund and money laundering operation and the Bush/Clinton Crime Families have turned our country into a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. And, the sad part is, if they are NOT STOPPED, they will SELL US OUT to the New World Order. Now is the time to speak up, to put our lives on the line, to be prepared to die to save our country.

  • gentry_gee

    His quotes sound fake and not like him. This is a fake story from yournewswire.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah.9/11 and 11/9 hehe, witch will win.

    And what investigation, huh, your court have blamed Iranians for 9/11, and stolen money from the Iranians under the same pretext and you drool something about investigations.
    Dont make me laugh, I dont elive this for an split second and we all know this uhh…. prefect timed Pass ports whom by all miracles survived spotless and to show Saudis-Arabians, I dont like the creeps for an second but I would never accuse them for doing something they never did, and this people whom was on the list are still living, do enlighten me about what investigation we will have, huh, another diversion in to lalaland.

    I say, forget it, the UssAs Gov. whom have the FBI (F….ups Beyond Imagination) to lead the investigation.
    Har, har, har.


  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    That’s great news… I hope he’ll launch a REAL investigation as opposed to following the fallback story line (“Saudi Arabia did it. Let’s bomb Saudi Arabia now.”)

    Saudi Arabia probably did play an assisting role, being close allies with the Bushs and Clintons — but the true culprits are elsewhere.

    I hope he’s serious about it (and if he is, he needs to watch his back… I’m sure some people in very high places are getting scared and would rather have President Pence).

    • Tom Lowe

      OBL, doomed to an early death due to having Marfan Syndrome, was asked by CIA/MOSSAD to become a crisis actor for the cause of the zionists in creating their fake War On Terror.

      OBL said yes. He stayed in care in SA while the zios played his part for him over the MSM.

      I still remember the stupid looking cartoon they drew up of OBL as a mythical terrorist on Time Magazine. He looked lie a militant Jew in that cartoon.

      Mythical, like ALL of BHO’s credentials ….

      Giuliani had better run and hide.

      The JPL crew chief, when the fake Mars Rover touched down, laterr said :”We made a great movie.”

      He can plant some great trees at Camp FEMA for about eleven years as far as I am concerned–then be deported to Israel.

  • ElGgggs

    Satan’s children will not let him live long if the truth is about to be exposed.

    • Brad Dueringer

      Very true

  • gmatch

    I really want to know what happened at the Pentagon! Planes don’t disappear in buildings without a trace.

    • Tom Lowe

      They shot a rocket into it from the inside of a white, box-shaped fire truck located at the edge of the property. That’s what I concluded based on what little data I could gather.

      They mass murdered their fellow US Government employees at work in the Pentagon!

      That means they all get the Death Penalty.

      ALL OF THEM.

    • Brad Dueringer

      It was probably a global hawk cruise missiles. ..the few parts found match that air frame

  • Johnny Canuck

    He should start with the owner of the Towers, “Lucky” Larry Silverstein. Here he admits the new tower was designed in April of 2000. He doesn’t even mention the 3,000 People murdered that day, just how it was planned and financed:

    • Eileen Kuch

      When you start your investigation of the 9/11 terror attacks after your inauguration as POTUS, Mr. Trump, start with Larry Silverstein, the former owner of the WTC. This mass murderer and fraud planned the demise of the WTC and collect $7 BILLION in insurance money. Have him arrested, charged and prosecuted for both premeditated mass murder and insurance fraud. This scumbag needs to be incarcerated in an isolated cell in the bottom floor of Sing Sing Maximum Security Penitentiary.

  • Guest Speaker

    TPTB, behind the scenes don’t want an investigation, and Rudi dumped the steel and he and Trump are buds, there will be another find no-fault investigation…

  • Coal_Gasification

    Great. I hope we can add (((Larry Silverstein))) to the list of evil and start performing public executions.

  • cretins

    This is something that truly needs to happen…but it won’t.

  • Pop_Korn

    This is a fake story.
    If it were true, logic would dictate that Trump would not make such an announcement before being sworn in.

  • Jimbo

    Is this true? Holy shit!

    • andy

      Of course not.But get a load of all the lemmings who used it as the launching pad for all of the other fake stuff they believe in!

  • William K. Mahler

    For the record, no matter how lightly or deeply I speak of my own truths publicaly to friends and or strangers, history always gets repeated back to me in some communication itself.
    I am not sorry for my actions, truly I miss life I could’ve led but there is no sense of real reason to regret anything at all.
    To be center focus of myself, is a wonderful act of behavior and I know I’ve witnessed many man woman and child do the same thing as I have.
    Can you honestly say yourself you are responsible for two of the biggest songs ever created since the national anthem of Francis Scott Key?
    “Leonda (I’m Coming Home”? is completely about 9/11/01 13 days prior to and it was created long before 1982, upon the very beaches of Cape Cod, MA. before the age of 3 with none other than Leonda herself piggy backing on my back as we both sat on the beach.
    A true “Soddom & Gomorrah” itself is the real reason why 9/11/01 became reality, blamed squarely upon Hitler or not.
    “Merry Christmas To You”, the 3:47 complete tectonic moving song it is released less than 20 hours prior to the SE Tsunami itself of 2004. Seismograph?
    Can you honestly think and believe that I could handle the sensory overload of every emotion coming from my friends and enemies?
    Thank You
    Xing of CVS of Boston for complete everything emotion yourself with those electrified red eyes of yours, the long black hair and the happy smile on your face.
    I will hope to be standing in front of you sometime this week to hopefully hear you say “sure, why not, non alcoholic beverage it is” sort of response, a lunch date itself.
    William K. Mahler

  • tjoes

    The Oded Yinon plan is the plan Gen Clark referred to in his 2007 video where he went through the Pentagon and was told about the plan to attack “7 countries in 5 years”. Hillary is at the center, dating back to helping get sex extortion materials on her hubby, the President, with Monica.

    Watch at the 7:45 minute mark of this video to see who needs some water boarding:

  • Kurtben

    Why is it that reading this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am very eager to see the results. They will speak for themselves.

    • Mohammed Cohen

      There are several plans to take Mr. Trump out but his utterance about re-opening the 911 investigations will guarantee his quick demise coz Mossad is directly involved in planning the 911 and Israel is not about to take this chance to turn Americans against her. No cost is high enough for Mossad to stop even slightest possibility for any agency of America to re-open this Pandora’s box! It’s best if Mr. Trump retracts and assures AIPAC/ADL that he made the mistake of saying such a horrible thing. After all, only 3000 or Americans died in this false flag imagine how much gains Israel has made in demonizing Muslims and the Arabs and how the world has turned against entire Muslim world. This kind of gift Israel has not received even from Ben Gurion! So Trump better watch is steps and check is food every day before he gets the instant drop of death or something in his socks or suit from the dry cleaners could be laced with most potent poison from the secret vaults of Israeli Mossad!

      • Kurtben

        Well, everyone is watching and that might create a problem for the assassins. They would have to hit the Trump plane with a meteorite or something that would not be investigated too deeply. If he were killed, I have no doubt that a very great catastrophic war would ensue. Not only a world war, but a civil war.

      • Tom Lowe

        Trump will lead them off to investigate Saudi Arabia, and just when all is really comfy he will bring out the Vlad Tepes Surprise.

        BTW, how about a nice big drone salvo into one of those stadiums full of singing, chanting orthodox satanist blackhats?

        You think the MOSSAD can handle that?

        • Mohammed Cohen

          Mossad has the capacity to take down the entire Washington DC machine over night! And keeping the issue within context, taking out Mr. Trump will be a piece of cake for Mossad or lesser degree operatives. There’s not one single US government agency including CIA, NSA, Pentagon, the White House, whores of US Congress and the Senate…name it, where Mossad does not have total control. So such a simple thing to shoot or poison or an accident is not a project for Mossad to think over. It’s child’s play for them. By naming the most ferocious ZioNeoCon like the war mongering John Bolton won’t appease Mossad. He better reassures Isreal directly by having a face to face private meeting with the king of the criminal cabal… NutandYahoo to call off his assisnation!

  • Dodastar

    The only way to do a new investigation is to not point a finger at who did this, but to find out scientifically what happened. 9/11 was a magic trick, one that made most believe it was 19 terrorist. Now it is time to realize we were tricked, and the only way to bring this out is to understand what exactly happened scientifically.


    The Bush family have long been friends with the Saudi hierarchy, no mystery as to why Bush Jr. didn’t want to include them in the investigation. The FBI identified many of the participants as Saudis yet Bush diverted our attention to Iraq who had no connection to 9/11 !
    Trump has got far more important matters to address to risk assassination over this complex web of deceit that will likely remain unresolved forever, after all, were still debating Kennedy’s assassination fifty threes years ago !

    • Tom Lowe

      Same perps in both cases. The debate is long over with.

  • SupremeLaw

    Our surviving hypothesis about 9/11 considers WTC7 as the center of command-and-remote-control of final approach of both aircraft that hit the Twin Towers: hard evidence of that tracking technology had to be destroyed, or it would have exposed the plotters in too much detail. As such, this hypothesis requires us to examine all relevant details of the expensive upgrades required to finish that Emergency Command Center e.g. blast-proof exterior windows, self-sufficient energy and telecommunications equipment, etc. Going further, this hypothesis also allows for the possibility that controlled demolition charges were also installed as part of that expensive, and extensive, upgrade to that Emergency Command Center. Just our hypothesis, mind you, but a surviving hypothesis (cf. scientific method here).

  • Ben William

    Surrounded by neocons and Goldman Sachs white-shoe-boys, the neocon led Trump presidency will no way have an investigation that will remotely “shake the establishment to it’s core.”.

    What we’re going to get is “NOT an inside job” investigation but the old neocon regurgitation that “radical moooslims” did it all. This of course after a false flag attack, making Trump the next ‘crisis president’.

  • dale ruff

    Trump said a lot of things that will never happen. Here is my favorite lies:
    1. I can be trusted because I cannot be bought; I am self-funded:
    Fact: 99% of his general race was funded by wealthy donors, such as Adleson, who got a reversal on Trump’s “neutrality” towards Israel/Palestine for a mere $25 million.
    2. I opposed the War on iraq before the invasion.
    Fact: he is on record on the Howard Stern show saying he supported the war…..and only turned against it later when it turned sour.
    3. There are 35 million illegal aliens; I will deport every last one!

    Fact: There are about 11 million (there are about 35 million legal immigrants) , down from 2008. of these, 173,000 are in in prison, mostly for non-violent offense such as lack of papers or drug possession. Using his own figures (35 million), this is .004% , compared to .91% for US citizens, of over 99% more US citizens in prison/jail.

    Using the actual figure of 11 million, the “illegals” have a .015% in prison….or about 97% lower incarceration/crime rates than US Citizens (source: US Bureau of Prisons).

    4. The other day he said he would only deport the “criminals.” that would be the 170,000 now convicted, 99% fewer than he originally said.
    5. Today, he says he will deport 3 million illegal alien criminals, but there are only 170,000.
    Fact: you explain it!

    6. The borders cities, he said, are very very dangerous and he praised his own bravery in visiting one:
    Fact: border cities are among the safest. Inland cities, with fewer “illegals” have far higher crime rates.
    Our largest border city (San Diego) year after year is our safest large city, with a murder rate nearly 40% lower than the national average.
    For instance, “Border cities get a bad rap as violent, but the Rio Grande Valley is extremely safe. Of the 24 Texas metro areas ranked by the FBI, Brownsville comes in dead last, with 240 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 people. Nearby McAllen comes in at #18, with 286 per 100,000.

    Things are closer to the middle of the pack in El Paso and Laredo, which place at #13 and #10, respectively. The murder rate in each city is low, at 1.4 and 1.5” based on FBI data. These murder rates in “the very very dangerous border cities” are 3-4 times lower than the US average of 6.2. Likewise in the most populous “illegal alien” state: Fresno, Ca has 9.2,, Stockton has 16.2; San Diego has 2.3. Digest that, when thinking of Trump’s lies.
    Fact: San Diego County maintains the third largest population of unauthorized immigrants in California and the seventh largest in the United States, according to a new report by the Migration Policy Institute.

    An estimated 205,000 unauthorized immigrants are living in the region, the Migration Policy report said. This is 7th largest in the nation. Yet, its murder rate is 2 times lower than the national average. Got it?

    The safest cities are the ones with the most “illegals” and Trump is lying (and knows it…but he also knows that the “poorly educated ” that he loves are what he called in a 1999 interview “morons” (his name for people who are not rich). They are sheep with blind faith believing lies easily refuted.

    Now, as for re-opening the 9/11 investigation, it’s a lie. His first choice for top foreign policy adviser was James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, and the man, who hours after the WTC was demolished, was on TV claiming he had evidence (he’s a fast worker) that Saddam was behind the attacks. This fits the script written by the Project for a New American Century by Woolsey and others planning (I shit you not) world demination (US hegemony) starting with wars on 7 Muslim nations in the middle East, starting with Iraq and going through Damascus to Tehran. Bush’s choice as adviser and possible Secy of State is John Bolton,who last year wrote a NYTimes oped called: “Bomb Iran.”

    So why would he choose a former CIA chief who wrote the script for the “new Pearl Harbor, needed to mobilize the public behind these 7 new wars and who was outfront blaming it on Saddam, be chosen? You would have to ask Trump. But it is unlikely that Woolsey and others in the Bush team like NSA Hadley and UN Ambassador Bolton, would allow him to open up an investigation that would expose not only Bush,. Cheney, Rice, and Rumsfeld but themselves to criminal prosecution. Is Woolsey there to kill him if he tries? Woolsey did not choose Trump; Trump chose him.

    So it’s just more bullshit…..originally said to smear Clinton. It isn’t going to happen under Trump……it’s just salesmanship, propaganda, deceit.

    The problem with believing Trump is to know which side of his mouth you should listen to: his sheep listen to the side that panders to their bigotry and anger. These are his useful idiots, the “morons” who would vote for him ‘..even if I shot someone in broad day light on 5th Avenue.” Total sheep. Trump has learned his trade well from the master whom he admits to having read. (Mein Kampf: “A Jew gave it to me.”) His exwife said it was his bedside reading….and he has never denied it.

    ““If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Adolph Hitler

    • Sam Nelson

      Great job, thanks. I have to post a like for you. Well, now, let’s go easy on Adolf, when he made that statement about telling lies he was talking about the English and USA Press, and the Jewish coven that leads them (to war), and it is the truth, look at the lies the Press and the Jewish coven have said in their efforts to derail Trump. President Trump cannot reveal the truth about 9/11 without telling on the Jews involved and there were many, like the art students, holed up in the Towers for months, you know the guys who did the wiring and etc.. President Trump loves his children and his Jews, so let’s just hope he can keep the deficit going, the checks in the mail and Russia and the USA friends. Other than that, what can he do?

      • dale ruff

        Please don’t like me. I hate Nazis like you.

        • Sam Nelson

          “I dare you to find one fact I presented and refute it with evidence.” Same goes for you buddy, you can’t go around making false statements about Adolf Hitler or the German people without backing it up. You are not Alex Jones. Oh, let me tell you, I’d be glad to be a Nazi, in comparison to the white cry babies, like Merkel, and her Communist ilk, like these white college girls in the terrible protest ongoing, led by Communist and surrounded by none whites. I’d rather be a Nazi than these college age Communist that just want some none-white to screw them or hit them or kill them. I don’t have any guilt complexes, hit me, I hit back. I am not man enough to walk in the shoes of a true Nazi. Neither are you, a judgement, admittedly, I am making out of hand. I misunderstood you, from your comment, I thought you were a thinker and realist, sorry. Please don’t try that Holohoax trickaro on me, it won’t work; evidence, the Judge said, no evidence can dispute the Jews Holocaust story (a judgement necessary, because, the story is a lie, but, a major part of the destruction of white people and their nations, ongoing and obvious, label one you label them all), but, I can give evidence, here, that proves: IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. If Donald Trump is even half the man Adolf Hitler was, is, then we are in for a wonderful future. Look what he did for the German people in such a short time, he took them from being starved to death by the banker jews (“you won’t starve this winter” and they didn’t, ever again) to being a world power. Discovering Adolf Hitler, a man who begged for peace, on the Internet was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, it freed me from years of lies that made me full of useless guilt. Talk about creeps how about the creeps who put a 87 year old woman, mother and grandmother, she is, a lovely lady, put in prison for saying no Jews skin was used to make lampshades -a proven fact! Okay, I am going to stop here, just remember, I am taking back my ‘like.’

          • dale ruff

            Well, you were unable to refute one fact. Thank your for exposing yourself as a Nazi.

          • Sam Nelson

            Yes, I love and admire Adolf Hitler like a father, I love my German people like brothers and sisters, I love all of white society like they are my family. In my heart, I do hate with every fiber of my being the motherf-er’s who tore the soles from my peoples feet, who lied and made war(s) that set white against white and depleted our numbers terribly, so today, we are a dying people on all the Earth, a tiny fraction of all the billions of people on Earth, all of them taught to hate us and want us dead. I hate, the liars who say they are survivor’s and make up stories, when we know the German military, under the command of Adolf Hitler, was the most honorable military that has ever existed; still, it took a whole world against them, lies and treachery without honor, to beat them. The liars who made slavery, who murdered the Indians, who tore our nation apart with a war of the States, on and on it goes, so my hate is deep, eternal, unyielding and holy.
            Now, about you? You seem to be very intelligent and just like the people you most admire. My opinion, not necessarily true, because, I don’t know and I don’t ever want to know you. Read, the Protocols, if you haven’t already, as a matter of your education.

          • andy

            Sam,flights to Thailand are reasonably priced and you can hardly spend money over there it’s so cheap.

            We’re sure that you’ll feel a whole lot better about things upon return and we’d bet dollars to peanuts that you’ll tear down your Nazi posters and sh*tcan your copy of “Mein Kampf” after having warm attention paid to you by the lovely,lissome lassies over there.

            Best wishes,Tiger!

          • Sam Nelson

            You like the Goyim names ‘Andy?’ Seems you are trying to insult the mother’s of men in -Thailand? You, like your kind, think of all people as cheap, as useless, as beneath you, well, I don’t. The women in Thailand have been put through hell, have watched their children murdered, because of you and your kind, their insatiable greed and licentiousness. People, are catching on to what really went on during the early 1900’s, the horror and death your kind brought to the women and children of the world back then is not forgivable, the day will come when it will be payback time. Soon, I hope. I am just waiting for one of you long noses to go for the holohoax, then I can teach the truth again. If all I wanted was a whore I would go to Hollywood or New York and get one of those long nose ones, if I could ever get one of them away from the blacks, they love them big lips and big something else, you know? Of course you know, you, probably have had a few of them up yours, too. Get a life punk.

          • andy
    • Tom Lowe

      I saw early on where your numbers are either grossly exaggerated or flat wrong and quickly dismissed your anti-Trump troll post without reading most of it.

      • dale ruff

        If you claim I am lying, you must provide evidence, sources. Otherwise, your accusations are a mask for being unable to deal with or counter the truth. My sources are FBI, Pew and Gallup research, Bureau of Prisons. What are yours? Trolls do not provide evidence and sources but those who attack them without any basis define the meaning of troll.

        I dare you to find one fact I presented and refute it with evidence. You will say you can’t waste your time, as a mask for being unable to back up your lies.

  • Sam Nelson

    It will be better if President Trump concentrates on some of the things needing done to save life on Earth, like, getting the Japanese, bless their heart’s, to make that power company responsible for the nuclear plant meltdowns at Fukushima to stop the shit and plug the hole before every god damn thing in the Pacific and other oceans that was living is dead! And, put some restrictions, a lot of restrictions on the big shot’s making money making plastic and polluting the oceans with their product. How about taking some of that money and do some cleanup? We need laws protecting the animals we eat from abuse in the process, like, making the meat suffer does not make it good, creeps. Protecting all animals is a good idea and overdue! Get that god damn common core out of our schools! Make states and communities come up with better ways of disposing of their waste, at least grind the shit up. There is so much he can do that needs done, let the scum die in their guilt, and they will die in their guilt, they are reaching the end of their time.

    • Tom Lowe

      We need our stolen money back and all of the interest since 1913.

      It belongs to the nation, not to a small, racist group of outright counterfeiters.

      • Sam Nelson

        We, white people, would be the richest society that ever lived; instead, we created the richest family, that has ever lived, on Earth, at any time, in all of history, AND, they hate US! They, are in the process of destroying us. They, have already destroyed Europe. The family, is the meanest, nastiest, sneakiest, most villainous, lazy, bunch of characters that ever have lived, but we love them! Evidence, right there in the Protocols, from top to bottom, from start to finish, oh but, they are a forgery, so nothing here move along! You know, tell us more.

  • alias

    What’s left to investigate? 9/11 was an inside job and every bit of truth has already been explained.
    Who is responsible, how and why it happened, tells the whole story.

  • 426Hemi

    Guilliani is in the middle of the coverup of September 11, 2001. For that reason he should not be a part of the Trump cabinet or inner circle. As Roger Stone succinctly stated it: “The DC rats are lining up to board the ship…” We cannot let that happen. A Guilliani Attorney General position would likely end up watering down any serious investigation into September 11 2001. Rather, an INDEPENDENT council should be set up with professionals such as the Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth; this panel of engineers would include physicist Steve Jones Ph.D. and several others who confirmed the existence of unreacted nano-particulate Thermate in the dust samples collected around the lower Manhattan neighborhoods the day of, and day after the towers collapsed. THE WTC DUST SAMPLES ARE THE SMOKING GUN and are the forensic evidence needed to prove this job had nothing to do with middle eastern terrorism and EVERYTHING to do with U.S. government-hired engineers who had access to the WTC towers #1 & 2 via the Ace Elevator Company for weeks beforehand in order to install timed thermite charges on all of the inner steel columns. C4 charges were also used to blow out the trussed floors in a timed fashion as well. There is NO way that TWO quarter mile high towers would both fall symmetrically to the ground – while also being completely pulverized, as we saw that day. FACT: Never before, or since September 11 have steel-framed skyscrapers collapsed from fires! There are many agencies involved in the coverup of this crime, the first being the U.S. State-television and radio network (ABC CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and many other publishers of magazines and newspapers; The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) are up to their eyeballs in the cover-up – who ignored entirely the collapse of WTC building #7 as are the puppets who chaired the 911 Whitewash Commission. All of these scumbags are accessories after the fact. ANYONE, and this includes Guilliani, who tries to rule out another investigation is part of the cover up. The ACID TEST for any journalist, whether it be television, radio or newspaper, is the 911 evidence; if these people are unwilling or unable to LOOK at the evidence objectively, they should be fed to the sharks. As we know, U.S. media is full of shills and rogue operatives who deny the 911 evidence – as well as denying the existence of the forged 9-layer ‘birth certificate Soetoro/Obama uploaded to the official White House website April 27 2011. Soetoro is an imposter who should be sitting in a cell at Leavenworth, KS.

    • andy

      And the award for Dopiest Screed goes to……this controlled demolition nut! And to think an obviously fake news story like this inspires such lunacy!

      Wonders never cease.

      • 426Hemi

        Turn off your television set and learn to think for yourself, moron!!

        • andy

          The founder of ae911truth hasn’t even figured out that “pull it” didn’t mean “blow up” and also probably thinks Blue Meanies are real because the Beatles said so.

          Try these two tablets and then take a long vacation,you’ve been done up.

          • 426Hemi

            As I said, turn off your television set. Read the facts from the scientists and Ph.D’s, not the goofs / shills on TV

          • andy

            You don’t have the stones to use what I just offered you,that’s your problem.

            It’s called being in a goddamn cult.

        • Angie_2343

          Take it easy on Andy, Heimi, he is an “official story” believer and they are a scarce breed nowadays.

  • mike

    Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, Pilots for 911 Truth, do it Trump do it- but it leads to the Mossad and the CIA- traitors all. Stay out of convertibles and watch what you eat.

  • Harold Smith

    Hopefully he will also look at the anthrax attacks and the suspicious stock market transactions as well as the building “collapses”.
    If Bruce Ivins was actually the anthrax killer (yeah right) as claimed by the FBI, then I want to know why Bruce Ivins’ boss at Ft. Detrick wasn’t fired or at least reprimanded.
    And of course he needs to investigate Larry Silverstein, Hyman Brown, and Shyam Sunder at NIST, etc.
    I have a feeling that a lot of people will be leaving the U.S. for countries that have no extradition treaty with the U.S. government.

  • arnieus

    It is starting to smell like the new investigation will just be another 911 commission to rail road the Saudis. Trump + NSA investigation exposes them. Bush clan, CIA and Mossad are not exposed in anyway. American public needs and gets an acceptable official version so we can quit arguing at Xmas. Trump is a hero. Media will obediantly follow the Trump was right about everything script. Neo-cons are back in business.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me over and over for 66 years… yeah I feel like an idiot. Trump seems to be changing his tune already.

    • alias


  • musimann

    Trump better get some more protection. When Israel is finally exposed as the main architect of 9/11 they will be coming after Trump.

  • Christian Nelson

    Trump better amp up his security.

  • Doctor Who?

    Draining the swamp will be a monumental task by itself.

  • Decleated

    Trump said a lot of things people wanted to hear to get elected.

  • Matthew Chen

    Trump nailed it when he said “I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585 page document,” It was not mentioned because the collapse of WTC7 in 9 seconds onto its own foot-print was the result of controlled demolition, which took weeks to prepare.

    The new investigation should seek to discover who set up WTC7 for demolition. That should also lead to the perps who caused the Twin Towers to collapse on their own foot-prints, since steel buildings have never melted in a fire fueled by jet grade kerosene, until 911.

    According to many experts, 911 was a false flag event as a pretext to invade 7 Muslim nations and George W Bush, Dick Cheney Condy Rice, the then Joint Chiefs and Donald Rumsfeld should be investigated to determine if they were involved.

    • andy

      Matt,steel towers have also never been smashed into by fuel laden jumbo jets flying at high speed.
      Also,the oral testimonies of the FDNY prove that 7 wasn’t blown up.

  • Formulakid

    Interesting Trump has Giuliani in mind for a crime job. Could Giuliani be getting immunity to sink these bastards?

    • Tom Lowe

      It’s possible.

      I’m hoping Madonna will buy half of Tel Aviv and call it American. She’s our secret beachhead in Israel!

  • NHamigo

    Jew neocons with Saudi allies and Bush & Cheney did 911!

  • Tropical Sunset

    If this is true that Trump wants an investigation into 9/11, well there will be many opposed to it. Like the Clintons, all the Bushes, Obama and George Soros and our Shadow government whoever that might consist of from around the world.

    I believe these vipers doesn’t want the truth exposed and would do anything to change Trump’s mind to not investigate or they will harm him.

    The globalists evil agenda is being orchestrated by Satan for now that is and has a time limit.

  • Herbert Dorsey

    The book “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America” shows that one of the motives for the 9/11 “inside job” was to destroy evidence of large scale financial fraud committed during the George H. W. Bush Administration. Nine ongoing investigations into this fraud were shut down by this destruction of evidence, much of which was stored in offices in the Twin Towers.

    • Tom Lowe

      And the Saudis provided a man with Marfan Syndrome to be a crisis-acting bogeyman.

      • Herbert Dorsey

        I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are referring to. Could you be more clear who you are speaking of?

        • andy

          Neither does he,Herbert.

  • wally63

    Never was a 9-11 investigation anyway – just like the Warren Report, total coverup.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    One thing to go after the Saudis and I can understand why “They who must mot be named” could not be at this stage. However it will only be a limited hangout and adjustment of the narrative if the blame stops with those retarded sand pirates in their self named “monarchy” Their closest allies/masters in Tel Aviv need to be brought to heel for truth to be fully told. Still who knows where the chips fall yet?

  • Secret Guest

    With all the announcements he makes, I’ll be betting that he dies mysteriously before Dec 31st.

    • HWR

      I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up one morning to find out (((they))) drone struck his vehicle.

      By “accident” of course.

      • Secret Guest

        lol everything is an accident. President in waiting is usually an accident that’s going to happen.

  • Richard Koons

    Do not forget the dancing Israelis!

  • andy

    Anyone who falls for this ridiculous lying article probably thinks that Larry Silverstein accidentally (whoops!) admitted blowing up Tower 7.
    In cahoots with the FDNY,of course.

  • Koolz all you need to know about 9/11

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Forget Saudi — it’s Israel/Mossad/Zionists/neocons that need to be investigated thoroughly and transparently! Start with the Dancing Israelis….

  • andy

    Not with a bang but a whimper does the 9/11 movement torpedo face first into the pachysandra as they set a world’s record for delusional thinking while they tie their canoe to the idiotic supposition that a billionaire scam artist will actually re-open the 9/11 investigation.

    Yea,Jared Kushner and his ‘converted to Judaism’ wife Ivanka would just be over the moon over that!