Trump needs to use anti-monopoly laws and break up the big corporations that control main stream media

As a lot of you know, Clinton passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which according to the 2003 edition of “A People’s History of the United States,” by Howard Zinn, “enabled the handful of corporations dominating the airwaves to expand their power further. Mergers enabled tighter control of information…”

You can find old videos on YouTube of ABC and others broadcasting about Bohemian Grove, etc. in the 1980s but nothing like that is reported on today. Media used to have a lot of competition until Bill Clinton came along. Then said handful of parent companies sit on the CFR and other “government think tank groups”…

I would like the breakup of the media monopolies to happen during Trump’s presidency.

Today media is controlled by only 6 corporations! In the 50s, it was over 60!



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  • red letter

    The anti-trust laws passed in the early part of the twentieth century were passed to harness the Robber Barons. (Rockefeller) etc. They are one of the few restraints we have against crony capitalism. Sadly they haven’t been used for years.

  • Nuthinbutnet

    He needs to get in office, first. Have you ever seen such high expectations for an in-coming president, as Mr. Trump? Amazing…
    My bet is, he will not dis-appoint.

    • Joe Blow

      My thoughts also. Sooo many agendas already sucking at his energy. Things are so screwed up in this country people need to wait in line.

  • Lophatt

    YES! And restore the “Equal Time” provisions.

  • MyWikiDisQus

    I hope President Trump’s administration examines in detail the FCC license renewal requirements that allow the MSM networks to operate in the U.S. (see: ). Here is a suggestion to check the recklessness of the television and radio media:

    1. “FCC license suspension or reduction in permitted broadcast operating hours due to false reporting of news in the public’s interest over the nation’s airwaves without factual evidence of truth obtained from an information source.”

    If the broadcast network(s) present misleading or dishonest information to the public about a: (1) person, (2) business entity, (3) government agency, (4) or religious organization which directly inspires other persons to assemble for the purposes of planning or enacting criminal behavior against the aforementioned entities or their property., then such broadcast is deemed conspiratorially culpable and violates their right of national broadcast.

    Although the national media can be sued in civil court for slander or libel, their license to operate has never been in jeopardy. This new regulation will hold them accountable should acts of violence ensue due to falsification of the news.

  • The Deplorable Hobbit

    This year is going to be so…amazing. It will be like when the wicked witch of the west was doused in water and melted away and the munchkins come out of the forrest to sing and play again! lol.

    The corrupt must be pooping their pants, bad.

    Whelp, they should have thunk it through before doing the dirty.

    Go git um Mr. P.!